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  • Curly Howard

    I’m simply puzzled that people in the jailbreak community haven’t learned that once your on a firmware you should stay there and here is why. I started following Brandon back when the iPhone 3GS was the thing, baby!!! and IOS 5.0.X was the coolest thing you could experience. Now jailbreaking was out long before that but by the time IOS 5 came out Jailbreak was to big to ignore and just watching Brandon on YouTube I along with a lot of you got HOOKED! Now all during this time Brandon would warn us that every time we chose to update our firmware that not only would we loose our ability to Jailbreak for the upcoming IOS update. But there was something more diabolical than we were ever to imagine with the new jailbreaks and that is this. Every time you jailbreak a new firmware you will loose a group of tweaks I mean a group. Simply said there are tweaks that worked on IOS 5 and IOS 6 that no longer work on IOS 7. And surely you have seen that tweaks in IOS 7 thru IOS 8.1.0 no longer work in IOS 8.1.2 And I would love to get an iPhone 6 but with the IOS 8.1.3 on up to the present 8.4 you wouldn’t believe the number of tweaks that no longer work and the number of new developers that have tweaks that cause more crashing and disappointments in functionality than ever before in the history of Jay Freeman’s Browser we’ve come to know and love as CYDIA!!! And with the 8.4.1 just down the road to block future Jailbreaks that means that there won’t be another Jailbreak till IOS 9 and believe me you don’t wanna wait that long. There is hope though over the horizon, and that’s for everyone to stop now and stay on your present firmware and this will allow developers to catch up to you and your firmware. The days of redsnow and saving your SHSH Blobs are pretty much over unless your still running IOS 5.1.0 or below. But for IOS 5 thru IOS 8.1.2 there is a great recovery tool called SemiRestore. And I believe there is a version of SemiRestore for IOS 8.3 thru IOS 8.4 And this has helped me to maintain my IOS 8.1.2 jailbreak on my iPhone 5S and my IOS 5.1.1 on my iPhone 3GS. A lot of people will get their IPhones stuck in a loop or figure the only way to get their iPhones to recover is to plug it into iTunes and re inject the firmware because a hard reset just isn’t doing the job. And what happens in a lot of cases is that there is a new Apple update and you are forced to loose your previous update and Jailbreak when you restore. So lets all work together to make Jailbreaking fun again and loose the fears of a loop and by downloading SemiRestore. In fact don’t ask me, ask Brandon how you can maintain your Jailbreak. Ask him!!! Brandon I want to thank you for all you have taught me and others over the years and as I have said before, James Brown is the God Father of Soul and you are The God Father of IOS my Brother!!!!!!!

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