AnyLockApp: Open Any App From The Lockscreen on iOS 5 [Video]


If you have updated to iOS 5, you will have probably noticed by now that when you double-tap the home button from the lockscreen, a camera shortcut button appears. Well, now there is a tweak that allows that camera shortcut to be a shortcut to any application on your device. This tweak is called AnyLockApp.

AnyLockApp can be a very useful tweak to some people that use an application a lot and want quick and easy access to it.

To set the tweak up, as seen in the video above, all you need to do is go to your main settings application and then just pick which application you want to open and if you want it to be shown as the camera icon or as the actual app icon.

AnyLockApp is a free package that can be downloaded from the Big Boss repo today!

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