How to Fix the Quarter Screen Issue in iOS 5


If you have installed iOS 5 on your device you may have encountered an issue where an app shows up in only a quarter of the screen. This only occurs when you have Activator enabled, which most jailbreakers have. View the steps to fix this issue below.

Steps to fix this issue:

1. Download SBSettings from Cydia

2. Open SBSettings

3. Tap on “Power” then select “Safe Mode”

4. Once you get booted back up in Safe Mode, tap the status bar and then tap “restart”

5. Now you should be booted back up in your regular mode. Problem solved.


Keep in mind that this fix is only temporary and you may have to repeat this process multiple times. Activator should be updated for iOS 5 soon, stay tuned.

Image via Modmyi 

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