How To Fix The White Cydia Icon After Jailbreaking iOS 5


If you have jailbroken your iOS 5 device, chances are that you have had the white Cydia icon on your springboard. Don’t go into panic mode just yet, we have a fix for you, and it’s easier then you think.

The video below will demonstrate just how to fix this issue.

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  • inspire

    Thanks <3

  • Elward

    I actually “jailbroke” my iPod 3G but as stated above the cydia icon is white. I tried what you did in the vid but instead of getting the screen with a pineapple at the center i get a whole black screen plus my redsn0w 0.9.9b4 shows “No Identifying data fetched.” Reply please as fast as you could. Nice guide btw, thanks~!

  • Elward

    Problem SOLVED. Sorry, I forgot to set the IPSW to 5.0 like the first instruction in the first part of the jailbreaking vid. Hope others who experienced same problem as mine will be able to in a way “solve” their problem. Thank you.

    • MiaMor

      Thanks for posting this! I couldn’t fix it until i read this post!

  • Joao

    I have done every thing like in de vid, but my cydia doesn’t open, and the white logo don’t change to de brown one when i reboot, what should i do ??

  • Joao

    after jailbroken, when i try to boot back up, the iPhone keeps reeboting over and over and it never boot up again, i have done 3 times now and didn’t worked. dont know what to do.

    • Joao

      sorry, i had a cdma ipsw, and my iphone is gsm, my bad guys,

    • jacob

      how can you tell if your phone is gsm or cdma??

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  • ken

    mine goto apple logo than goto restarting and freeze and keep repeating

    • Rocketdali

      Me 2!!!!!! WTF do we do???

    • jacob

      mine is doing the same thing… did you find a solution??

  • kyle

    my youtube isnt working any other links for the video or word insturctions.

  • jk

    Hey can’t thank you enough. Took longer to figure out how to ask the question for help on Google correctly, than to get it fixed! Am I now tethered or not? Any way to tell without shutting it off? Thanks again!

  • Ron

    good deal man thanks.

  • fese muhammad

    it loaded up showed a all white screen on my iphone4 then the apple came back up and redsn0w says the “Unrecognized build. fingerprint” and my cydia icon is still white.. am i doing something wrong?

    • Jat_2107

      Your doing it wrong keep trying it will work

    • Wyatt

      me 2

    • Jared

      i have this problem as well, i’ve tried this process over multiple times and it still doesnt work…

      • Jared

        ok so heres how you fix this, before you go to just boot, click select ispw again, go to your ios5.0 ispw again open it, after thats done, then redo the just boot and it should work

        • Tgbrown0

          im havin a problem with the ios 5.0.1 is now supported by redsnow

        • Cassydo17

          hey so i did everything and i got cydia but what do i use it for?

          • Cassydo17

            nvm lol omg this is so cool i get to really see what this phone can do thnx a lot 🙂

          • Cassydo17

            is it safe tho?
            is there a chance that hackers can hack my phone and files if so how can i prevent it?

  • Bilal

    I follow the same ……… as per the video on my Iphone 3Gs, every thing went successful……………. when i restart the Iphone later it geting stuck in the Apply Logo, however when i do again Just Boot from redsn0w_win_0.9.9b8, it boots but and it workes fine until the next restart……………

    Please Advice


    mine erased all the internet and facetime THIS SUCKSSSS WHAT DO I DOOOOO

    • Nitroboy1000

      Go to a store that they can reprogram your device

  • Theo Neal

    i jailbroke my iphone 4. an all i have to do is the just boot thing to get the cydia app to show but after the first stage it says “No identifying data fetched” what chould i do if you could email me a video or a message i would appreicate it very much. please an thank you.

    • MiaMor

      Me too! Did you ever resolve the problem?

  • Paaulonogueira

    My iPod doesn’t turn on anymore!

    • P3p3dark95

      Mine just stay with the white apple whata hell is going on!?

  • Junior

    myn still has a white cydia

  • johnny

    mine said unrecognized build

  • Sjmcleod

    I’ve gone through the process to jailbreak my ipad1 and installed cydia. When in installed the iap cracker, everything is fine until I am prompted to reboot. When I toggle the reboot, my ipad is stuck with the apple icon. Am I missing something?

  • 83harr

    after jailbreak my iphone unable to start up,, its jst pineaple then rebot then aple then loading then again aple so on… wht can i do…

  • Huynguyen3213

    i have problem with shsh blobs, when i try to reboot. PLZ anyone tell me how to fix it

  • Leemex4

    me 2

  • dave

    after getting the complete cydia icon almost all of my apps, including cydia dissapeared. wth do i do. it deleted apps like settings and appstore ! please help me

  • hawaiianboy

    Hey i did this and it worked but after downloading themes it downloaded this app called winterboard and now when i try to click it, it crashes how do i fix that?

  • Rockinj210

    Cydia don’t show up 🙁

  • Pranav

    The pineapple logo is stuck.
    what to do?

  • Nitroboy1000

    Gus I have a problem it all works until the matrix codes spear they say error and it just reboots nothing happens and I don’t have white Cydia I clicked just boot,before that I did select ipsw the pineapple appears but I don’t have Cydia please help

  • Ericg1234567

    i do everything but then the apple logo comes up and cydia is still white

  • HornetAndrew16

    thank you so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jjplay

    thx could u show the new 6.0.1 jailbreak

  • ryan21

    i jailbroke my phone an the screen just sits at a pineapple waht am i doing wrong?