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  • Chad

    Looking forward to this jailbreak! Is it safe to assume it will also be available for the 3G option of ipad2 as well?

    • Brandon


      More then likely, yes.

  • Alexbomb51

    how did u do this

  • Gabe Mitchell

    Or they just ported iOS 5 features 2 iOS 4.3.3 and edited System/Library/Coreservices/Something.plist

  • Nath

    When? When? When? my ipad 2 comes tomorrow and like my Iphone 4 i plan to jailbreak it ASAP!

  • Jas1111995

    when is the ipad 2 jailbreak releasing ? replay asap

  • Richard

    if u can garantize this .. dont make this video .. make people waste time ..

  • Richard

    i went to the address u provide n its a joke !!

  • Wail_hero2000

    What is. The nAme of the first program that he just open re

  • Bebert3378

    Pls email me when realese

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