Siri Has Been Ported From iPhone 4S to iPhone 4 [Video]


Both iPhone hackers @iH8sn0w and @Gojohnnyboi have been working on a way to port the iPhone 4S’ A5-only Siri assistant feature to A4 devices such as the iPhone 4 and  iPod touch 4G, and now it looks like it was successful. Yesterday, iH8sn0w gave us a little insight on the whole ordeal.

This is great news for all iPhone 4 users who are not willing to buy the iPhone 4S. With Siri being the iPhone 4S’ biggest feature, the fact that it will be on the iPhone 4 will prevent some potential purchases to the iPhone 4S.

A video of Siri running on an iPhone 4 can be seen below.

Here is another video where Siri seems to be running smoothly but it cannot connect to Apple’s servers (yet).


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  • Henry

    thix is awesome!

  • Mark

    is this website is new ?

    • Brandon

      Yes, brand new 🙂

  • angel

    has anyone noticed the tmoblie logo on the top

  • dani


  • frank

    get this on cydia asap!!!1

  • kenny dj


    i do understand it doesnt communicate with the apple server but it does work on the iphone 4 IOS 5, what do i do to make it work ?

  • will the processing speed of the iphone 4 be quicker, as seen in the video the reaction times are very delayed.

  • jonathan

    how can i do that????

  • david

    how do i fix siri ?

  • vinay

    i think dose ver actually iphone 4s

  • Cr0wnedClown

    when would this be release? Must our phone be jail broken to use this cool features?

  • djapple

    will you tell us how to get it

  • john smith


  • Rafael

    when is siri available for the i phone4.,please let me know.

  • Johnny

    How do I get Siri on iPod Touch 4G? need help here

    • It is not available yet. just hang on to voice control til it is available

  • lol

    wtf, i installed siri by following the articles, but i hold home button, it’s still voice CONTROL!! anyone knows wat to do?

    • Tommyhl

      go to settings – general – siri and enable siri 🙂

      • where do u download it?

      • yeee

        eeh, no?

      • dragoneyes

        On the Iphone4? Are you sure? I tried that and guess what? no siri

    • Ghassan_10_96

      How did you Install it???

  • Evan

    Can you do a video of siri running on the ipod touch 4g?

  • Haha

    Voice control :/
    No Siri :S

  • CrAp

    Wait when siri is available for iPod touch 4th gen how do I get it

  • Arasugem

    hi dude…does this works for ipod touch 3g ????? please respond me…

  • Hey Dude!!!! i want it for my iPhone 4!!! Can you help here!!??? love it !! I won’t to get a new iPhone 4s

  • Noam

    plzzz i want a tutorial how to get siri on my ipod touch 4!!!

  • Mustafa

    so what do i do to get siri on my iphone 4 i updated it to ios5 will it still work btw do i need to jailbreak my phone

  • what i need to do i have iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1.
    What i need to do?

  • this is really confusing i don’t understand if its released or not released people say there putting it and it doesn’t work anyone help please

  • TC5133

    where do u download it?

  • Jzzizzle

    umm how do i get strated



  • Ssde

    lol fuck me 🙂

  • Dani384g

    how do i get siri on my iphone 4?

  • Aquafire Artist

    where is the article to download siri?????????????????????

  • tony

    wait how do you get it on ipod touch 4G, im not seeing how to do it.

  • Akibmajid15

    But I want to know how can I put Siri on my iPod touch 4g that’s the question I want answers what do I click on do get Siri

  • Akibmajid15

    There somthing else on app store that is like Siri it is called voice actions and it’s for 3pound and it does everything that Siri does check it out

  • Hubertoskkk22

    ok welll done for braking the siri protocol but how to put siri on my iphone 4

  • carl

    the video’s are useing iphone 4s!! looool!!!

  • Agdy22

    can u make  me a siri proxy plzz and send it to

  • its called sirious
     thats the name

  • or spire thats anather one

  • AraE

    How do I get it on my iPod Touch?!?

  • guy

    That’s obviously a 4s in the video, it says t-mobile at the top of the iphone. the iphone started being sold by t-mobile with the 4s.

  • juloveshugs

    HI, I don’t really know anything about jailbreaking or anything like that, but I do have an iphone 4 (5.1.1.) and I donn’t know how to jailbreak it, please help!!!!

  • dragoneyes

    I’m only 11. Do you think I want to get sued by apple? Do you know how much trouble with my dad[scary man]? If you do not know what i am talking a bout, go to youtube and type in;siri running on the iphone4 and at the end he will say you will probably be sued by apple

  • dragoneyes

    why can’t it just be on the app store?

  • mrcameron2006

    you probely got to do what the guy said get a a4 device

  • Syncere

    I had Siri on my I phone 4 after jailbraking it a lot of stuff they have videos to show on you tube after doing all of that it takes a few days to kick in but you need to keep trying to talk to it here and ther from I phone 3G to 4 and iPods maybe 3GS to 4