Apple’s 2011 Black Friday Deals


Apple fans are always hoping for a bargain around the holiday season and now we have some leaked Black Friday deals from Apple. 

The sale, set to take place at Apple stores worldwide and online tonight tomorrow, will include some of the biggest discounts ever offered by the company.

The best discounts will be on Apple’s bigger items, with $101 knocked off the retail prices of the the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and the iMac.

The iPad will be offered at lesser discounts of between $41 to $61, iPods with $21 to $41 off, and iPod Nanos will be discounted by $11.

Although the sale may not seem like much, you have to consider that Apple doesn’t usually discount its newest-generation products. And if you are looking to pick up an iPad or an iPod touch before the holidays, this is probably the cheapest route you’re going to find.

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