iPod Touch 4G Giveaway!


Here we go! This is the giveaway for a brand new, unopened iPod Touch 4G (8GB). Follow the rules below to be entered  into this giveaway.


Rule #1

Follow @bbsipodtouchelp on Twitter by clicking here and clicking follow. You can make multiple accounts for a better shot at winning.

Rule #2

Tweet the message out to your twitter followers by clicking here.

Rule #3

Leave a comment on this post and be sure to include your twitter username so I know who you are.


Good luck to everyone!

The winner will be chosen on Thursday, December 8th at 6:00 PM est.



Additional Notes:



I will only ship to U.S. and Canada!

This giveaway has ended and the iPod has been shipped to the winner. Congrats again to @TechGeeek and thanks to everyone who entered, you will have a shot at more giveaways in the near future.

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  • Mrpekostech

    I hope i win, never had an iPod Touch 🙂 my twitter username: MrPekos_Ale

  • Dhellboy1214

    Hope I win! @dhellboy1214

  • 151dallas

    this is awesome 151dallas

  • midakskyblst

  • Stevensilva15


    bbsipodtouchhelp is the go to person for iPod help deff.

  • Nurtzart

    Yayyy! I did everything! I hope i win! 😀 @NurtzArt

  • Bobert13131


  • PH723

  • @kamilsg97

  • @moneychexv2

  • Fox1672


  • JosiahMS97

    My twitter username: josiahms97utube

  • astro_bc1


  • Twitte name : Rimos95

  • Jihad_ghali

    Hi wish to win
    My twitter username is jihadghali or @jihadghali

  • Jannes Verlinde

    My twitter is jannesver

  • Russelljgelera


  • My twitter: AppleTechKid

  • @jwagselev

  • AzuLz


  • Luisbautista5


  • My twitter is: arashogfar

  • MusicAddict

    Well, here is my tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/MusicAddict1990/status/139819471891210240
    Wish me luck 😉 (@MusicAddict1990)

  • Wwaayynnee_rreellooss


  • FluffyR


  • prt


  • @iRhysLee

  • Ahwtitus

    My username : MRIPOTABLE

  • @DylanRThomas

  • @GunnerrBunnerr wasup man thx for the giveaway your amazing and keep making videos there amazing good job bye!!!!

  • 🙂 I hope I win this! If I do, this will be my first iPod. Something I’ve been wanting for a while now!

  • @iCorzign15 -Hope I win!!

  • @iCorzign15 – Good Luck Everyone!

  • Steven Rmarrocco


  • Jgivers1993

    I would love to win the iPod touch fourth generation my tweeter is jivers1993

  • Anthonybradshaw4


  • @AnthonyEnr1quez

  • Christian mendez

    I been following u and watching ur iPhone n tweak videos since the iPhone 3G yee! Follow bk @zmokey650

  • Joel ibarra


  • Trbroh01

    twitter username @FourVidsgaming

    i dont have an ipod

  • @nickc2122

  • thanks for the giveaway bro! @TamilSwag

  • @DOMOBUILT my family is my Best gift everyone else should feel the same have a great thanksgiving

  • Cinsesso

    =D @cinsesso

  • Anonymous

    My Twitter username is @TornZero.

  • Hope to win a giveaway for once in my life… 🙁

  • Cucasabreu

    @Cascabreu. i need this ipod, mine is broken since 2 mounths! 🙁

  • christian b


  • appleipodworld

  • Chrisgarcia714

    i dont even own a an ipod cause i can’t afford one, hopefully i win (crossing fingers)

  • Me

    @BeastlyMLG :’3

  • Rich_alva90


  • well I don’t think I’ll win but : voe96

  • twitter: @fabuloso76

  • my twitter: @thebriangarcia

  • iJailbroke


  • Psycho


  • twitter: voe96

  • Jason


  • @ voe96

  • Everyonefriends

    My twitter is:


  • —> voe96 <—-

  • i wanna win andrewredondo

  • Joshbelt775

    arkansasfisher = twitter

  • Twitter = @insaneAssass1n9

  • Chris B


  • Alex22son53

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I’d love yu forever if i win!!!! ^.^ @alex22son53

  • Mtz18

    Win!! @mtz18

  • Chris Bustos

    Twitter: @b_chris99

  • Twitter: @_Javier_Perez

  • Anthonybradshaw4

    TWITTER: @1FOLLOW9BAK all i wanted for christmas was an ipod touch 4g 🙁 please pick me!! 😀

  • Jntpnt7

    Twitter: @JediWithTaco

  • Brandonrebuck

    Twiiter: @9o8

  • Thanks!

  • Andrew Rios

    It’d be mighty swell if I won a brand new iPod touch @a_forandrew

  • Twitter: @thefuf99

  • Twitter: @hjconline


  • Sweet! Thanks for the giveaway! My twitter is @DJD990



  • devin nguyen

    Much appreciation! My twitter is @DevintheDoc

  • cms267ssf JeTiLag

    great giveaway 🙂 thanks 😀
    twitter: @sillyscms267

  • Superbluepepper


  • CJ

    MAH TWITAH! @carljeremy11

  • Awesome giveaway! 😀

  • Hope I Win! I love your videos <3(:

    Twitter: @Yosoyangel4777

  • Theguysalegend


  • Jakehall1995

    Fingers crossed for this amazing giveaway! twitter: @cloudylemons

  • Javier Meza29

    i was here lol. hope to win

    • Javier Meza29

      i was here lol. hope to win


  • @Jamaicangirl81

  • Twitter: James1010

  • Eddie Talavera

    Twitter: Duodecillian

    Thanks for the opportunity bro.

  • Bryce

    Hey! hope i win lol Twitter: Brycemeers

  • Guitar806


  • Guitar806

    Twitter: Guitar806

  • Guitar806

    Twitter: Guitar806

  • nicolas


  • twitter an you tube username : lizzarda13
    thanks soooo much for this giveaway yr awesome <3

  • ireallyyyy wanna winn<33

  • soooooo excitedddd

  • thanks for the giveaway! i hopw i have a chance of winning.. thanks again!

    TWITTER @rafyo127

  • @TheRealTawsif hope i win 🙂

  • N1CH0LAS12 was here haha

  • 😀 yey!
    twitter: @3oav

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all… twitter: ecidyrue

  • licia16

    @xFeeliciaCee (: hope i win, good luck to everyone :$

  • pilo1236

    i cant on my twitter cuz it say whoops! You already said that… please post a new tweet. Learn more here.

  • Imzachv

    Twitter: @ImZachV

  • hope i win 🙂 i can give it to my 12 year old brother he needs some music @iPoDToUcHzZoNFire

  • heyyyy cracked mi old screen haha nyway my username is: @itsbeerad

  • hope i win .. i have so much time trying to get a ipod touch (:

    Twitter: @mauri_r12

  • Zacledesma


  • Daniel_jiwani05

    Ive been inlove with idevices just wasnt rich enough to afford one.

  • I was here!! would love to win, i must have entered youtube giveaways 100+ times since 2007 and ive never won, it would be great!


  • Anonymous


    Good Luck To Everyone!

  • georgesarkes

    apple… @GeorgeSarkes

  • William

    Nice giveaway for christmas!!

  • Epicswirlz

    @test4hack is my twitter account
    P.S. I know I’m going to lose but it’s fun to try

  • Mustapha32

    I am 99.9% sure that I’m not gonna win but might as well try.

    My twitter:_Mustapha_B

  • Jbieber

    Hey, i hope i win shawty

  • i need to win this for my girlfriend!


  • Callmedanny


  • NotMelvin2898


  • Josephrev

    Twitter: @JosephRev

  • nice twitter: jcjosuedabest

  • this is awe some oh and my username in twitter is @bellaarancon

  • Brandon Maveal

    I really hope i win it would be a great Christmas present

  • Slicknick285


    You will make my tough Holiday season so much better!

  • Jonathan


  • Thanks for this giveaway 🙂 @itechkeith

  • Hope i win

  • @technologyinffo – Hope I win.

  • whoa… 🙂 dis wud b a dream come true…:)! happy thanksgivin guys.. :)!!

  • @XlxCAUTIONxlX good luck every one

  • Jason

    happy thanksgiving !

  • Bluesparklej

    My twitter: bluesparklej
    Please pick me =)

  • Aalpha358

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    Hope i win 😀

  • Eden Molina

    Hello! My Twiiter name is @ednkm!

  • Crazeforlays

    My Twitter name is @AlexBouttarath , hope i win!

  • Nicsipodhelp

    Nice Giveaway! Twitter: nicsipodhelp

  • Hope I Win This Giveaway! Twitter: @Anthoct

  • Jmalinsky88

    i hope i winnn!!!!!

  • Nice giveaways and during the Black Friday craze dude you rock.

  • Cool dude I hope I win.

  • Dill P

    Hope i win @clxyeah

  • Adriangzz97

    hope i win adriangzz97

  • I WILL WIN @DuckEnterprises

  • love your vids.. keep up the great work! btw, my twitter: jacobawilson2

  • Kenneth_jasmine0705

    i want a 64GB white!!


  • Rags

    @darthnerdious17. love your giveaways. hope i win one this time.

  • S_wheel1023

    I really need a iPod….

  • Tinigunner11


  • Sinpluswar

    my twitter username is sinpluswar

  • Goodluck everyone xD

  • Really hope i can win this for Christmas!!!! 😀

  • Scout

    I would really love to win because my ipod 2nd gen’s screen is smashed.
    My twitter name is scoutage

  • purpl3sn0w

    Thanks bro. ive never had one. i still watch your videos.

  • Eritaboy

    I luv iPod @eritaboy

  • patttpatttyoooo

    @iH8breeze thnks for the giveaway bro

  • viper3395


  • Edgarbaca

    BacaEdgar thanks

  • SebTH1

    Lets do this! never owned an apple product

  • Jjazevedo

    hope i win ive always wanted a ipod:/

  • nfan2


  • nice giveaway, twitter username is ReInventingGame

  • Thats cool giveaway and cool gadget 🙂

  • snrg


  • Davidgodines78

    hope i win

  • Davidgodines78

    hope to win

  • Wthomp

    great giveaway — @dazzlemi

  • Mariliadehollanda

    hope i win 😀 —- @mariimaki on twitter

  • Santanachad

    good luck everyone


  • Daniel

    I have never won anything, I hope I win. twitt user: golddragon1050

  • Magickkoala

    I really supercalifragilisticexmealadocious hope I win I’ve never had any technology stuff so I really hope I win………….. I’m commenting on this page from a library computer…….. please? I really could use this!

  • nick

    My twitter name is AyitzNick, my youtube name is KidApp,

    Thanks Brandon!

  • Francesco

    i really hope i win 😀 @fgeraci93

  • Damn nice giveaway brO! love it… twitter: grieverhart

  • leester901

    Username : leester901

    I never win anything so im just gonna keep my fingers crossed

  • Lacyboy01


  • Im


    • Im

      or well more like @Fight2Build if that matters

  • Egarcia1057



    DONE all! my twitter name is FOKXXY – great giveaway!

    ssummmer AT gmail DOT com

  • Simon

    Nice contest! @choonkitng

  • Hari D.

    Tweeted from @emilovadragneva

  • dejan


  • Amy N

    OMG I hope I win this! Would be an amazing xmas gift for my bro!

    My twitter handle is @ameecq and I tweeted the contest tweet

  • iPodHacks142

  • vilmark

    Always wanted one. Thanks. Twitter name is vilmark

  • fun_man_7

    @fun_man_7 This would be a great prize to win!! Good Luck everyone!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • Nick69 Nick

    Hey, I would love to win this iPod Touch so that I could give it to my younger cousin for Christmas (his family doesn’t really have the money for any electronics right now). Love the videos, keep it up! My twitter username is firstpersonfail

  • Chubuking

    hey bb i left a tweet for ya 😉 ! @chubuking thanks again mate you helped me loads 🙂

  • TofTof

    good luck everybody!


  • @brianstechhelp please pick me thanks for the giveaway perfect time for Christmas

  • Travelbuds

    I would love to win this. Thanks


    I hope I win I havent had a ipod since my 2g broke Great Video!


  • eric

    hope i win

  • Thanks for this opportunity ! Good luck to all 🙂

  • Lfcfan99


    I really want to win!

  • cole baiker

    Great giveaway!!


  • Juan Aguirre


  • BRO YOU’RE LIKE WAY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWITTER:hee_tee

  • @sharonnelt is me

  • i hope i win. twitter username is benjiu3

  • Tanis

    Follow and Tweeted, thanks for the giveaway! @tannieschatter

  • Ryan

    @farseer99 Would love to win this! Thanks for the contest.

  • It would be great if I win @GirlTechnoFL

  • Iapptime

    My twitter username: @theiapptime

  • JTWALL2015


  • Hockey_ismylife66

    I would really love to win, thanks a lot for the contest! 😀 my twitter username is colingallant61

  • done hope i win twitter= @TheRealTawsif

  • T Maccune

    Hey thanks for the chance to win this. I hope I do win this contest it be nice to get an new iPod so I can give my old one away to my mom or brother. Also the face time for it would be nice so I would be able to see my girl friend who is going to college in another state. Again I say thank you for this chance and I hope you will give a chance to win. Twitter name TylerMaccune

  • Sk8rboy0925

    i hope i win


  • TechnoDogallo

    Wow this is a great giveaway! A really awesome giveaway! Good look everybody and congrats to the future winner of this giveaway!

  • Click123k


  • Done 🙂

  • I hope I win something for once! =)


  • Tudorr


    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  • Nickdude


  • nkemp22

    I hope I win

  • Nkemp22


  • TheProductRojas

    Great Giveaway :D!


  • TheProductRojas

    Great Giveaway :D!


  • ur profile pic is beautiful:)


  • Goldstanza

    My twitter user name is @goldstanza

  • Thank you for the giveaway I am crossing my fingers. My twitter name is @lvnnyates

  • Been thinking about upgrading to the new iPod touch. 🙂

  • Macman655

    OpTicspider55 YAY!!!

  • Lanana


  • jennifer

    i wanna win 😛

  • Everythingipods

    let me win this ipod haha @CGallGaming

  • Tjmgregory

    Always loved your videos! @theooos

  • Mperez1154

    Thnx for all the iphone help and all ur videos!!


  • @asdfghjklbep Hope I win!!!

  • Feriachris

    Yeah man I hope I win!

  • alex


  • Alex

    I reallly badly wanna win :./ @musicskate13

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • Hasan

    thank u very muck I really have an opportunity to win this device and for more giveaways !!!!!

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • @musicskate13 …… I really want to win this :/

  • PZPierce

    Great giveaway; thanks for doing this! Would be awesome to win.


  • Tylerbarron19996

    tylerbarron1996 i would love to win my ipod touch just got stolen but apple wouldnt give me a new 1 because of jailbreaking i guess or something and am sad now

  • Great giveaway! Hope to win 🙂
    My twitter username @teckireviewer
    Have a nice day.

  • Useeme Udie

    i really hope i win. i really want it=] @thebeastofking

  • Hey I would love to win, @TheAppleuser101

  • dan autiero great vid.


  • Thinksmooth


  • AbdaalMustafa

  • i hope i win the iTouch! 🙂

  • @gabrielbrownog

  • Justin balcita


  • Hope i win! and good luck to the other people!

  • Joel_ahp

    Ihope to win!!!

  • jezika19

    nice gift for this next holidays… i want it, thanks for the giveaway

  • I want it because it would mean SO MUCH to my 11 year old son for Christmas

  • good luck everyone !! 🙂 @musicskate13

  • @robicab91

  • Luisflor35

    @luisatom20 I hope to win cuz my family is very poor and I could never afford anything this cool I have to foto the library just to check my twitter account

  • Luisflor35

    @luisatom20 please let me win

  • i agree with you William. NIce giveaway for CHristmas. Thanks.
    i am @tzeesherpa and i hope i win.

  • Good luck everyone & Happy Holidays!

  • hope to win @Deathman7

  • i want this so much 😀 @aaltoni

  • @Robicab91

  • OMG this is an awesome giveaway ever!!! thx and I hope’ll win


  • Hope I Win, Your Awesome


  • Reena Jacobs


    I’m addicted to entering giveaways

  • Luisflor35

    I hope to win @luisatom20

  • Embletonnick


    good giveaway for the holidays

  • @cablegrant

  • Aeirux here, hope I get that iPod Touch for Christmas

  • would love to give this to my bro for Christmas hope to win and good luck to all

  • Ryan

    The new iPod looks pretty sweet! I would love to have something like this to show everyone. And when asked how I got such a cool iPod, I will say, “You have to follow Brandon @bbsipodtouchhelp; he’s the go-to-guy for anything Apple related!”

    – @joerdaley

  • N. Bishop

    Great giveaway idea to drive traffic! @nbish

  • Cjbanas

    Would be a great way to end a year. Working with a new iPod 4G Touch.

  • Steps 1, 2 & this is # 3 now completed! BTW – perfect timing for a give-a-way such as this…just in time for the holidays!

  • Michelle Chance-Sangthong

    Awesome … would love to win an iPod Touch @michellechance

  • Junior23915

    I really wanna win this i liked and faved the vid and subbed and tweeted and follow @Junior23915

  • Cfigdaniel

    Great idea, although I never win anything!
    Twitter @danielhermany

  • I hope I win!!!

    Twitter Username: @CacsTech

  • I just found this site and I already love it!

  • Hirschmiller Brenden

    I can’t afford one but anyway thanks for the opportunity to win

  • Hirschmiller Brenden

    I can’t afford one but anyway thanks for the opportunity to win it

  • Hirschmiller Brenden

    Oh and sorry my username is BHirschmiller

  • this is awesome
    my username is catwoman2134
    this cool keep it man

  • nice christmas giveaway 🙂
    username: arashogfar

  • Drmichele

    Awesome way to reach out!

  • Luisflor35

    I am feeling lucky today if I win I know I was right if I don’t I will be very sad 🙁 my user name is @luisatom20

  • @chris_howat

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    I would love to win
    Twitter username – FaMiiLy
    Youtube name – Strip

  • Renato

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    Hello i wish good luck for all

    My Twitter account : @mo7ammad_

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    hope to win @luisatom20



  • jezika19

    good giveaway, thanks.

  • Jezika19

    please i want the ipod…cant wait for it, jezika19

  • Luisflor35

    if go is on my side I will win my twitter is @luisatom20

  • Bellerbe

    Great Job Brandon! User name is jaellerbe

  • Luisflor35

    hope to win @luisatom20

  • Blackandgoldforlife

    Great give away! @BAG4L

  • Jezika19

    want it want it want it…thanks for the giveaway… username jezika19

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    username – @JordaaanFdR

    Hope I Win 🙂

  • Dhellboy1214

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  • Hirschmiller Brenden

    Hope I win @Bhirschmiller

  • Shane

    my twitter name is IAmShane16

  • Bronx

    Coolness @BronxAv

  • Nikhil Nayak

    Hope I do win …. @CoolNikhilNayak

  • Shamal-chand

    thanks, @sham021

  • jezika19

    pick me,cmon i’d love an ipad 2! username jezika19

  • Micah Halter

    Hey this is a great giveaway! hope luck is on my side! @ruprecht10

  • hope i win also thnks for jailbreak info @cpennokee

  • @DesiBoyNinja

  • A Great device to have! Better! A must have!!! 😀

  • Zkazi16

    I totally need a new IPOD!!!! Stuck with a cracked screen 1st generation…=/


  • plz let me win !!!

  • i have so much faith in me that i might with this. Thx to Brandon for making this beautiful giveaway. and your latest youtube vid about changing the slide to text or any other things was great. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. AND good luck to all of you.

  • Dexter Niles5

    @dniles129 me please

  • Kadeem Baird

    hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving @DaNewYorkKing

  • Kadeem Baird

    I wanna win! @Da_New_York_King

  • jezika19

    choose me ,please! username jezika19

  • hope i win! @AppleIpodWorld

  • Aaron9720

    I wanna win for christmas! Twitter name is TechGeeek



  • @thinksmooth

  • Simon

    Awesome giveaway! @choonkitng

  • Hari D.

    Never had a Touch before. This would be great! @emilovadragneva

  • Amy

    @ameecq !!!!! WOOOOOO!

  • Tolits

    this will be a nice christmas present…for me, hehe @tolitsm528

  • @ohiowa75 need an ipod touch!!!

  • Lfcfan99

    Kmayorga9 hope I win

  • @bbsipodtouchelp this giveaway is perfect for a Christmas gift! hope to win! good luck to all!

    from @urkineshakra

  • Luisatom20

    I like iPods @luisatom20



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    it would be a great help,choose me,plz,username jezika19

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    I enter most of the giveaways but I never win… Although my twitter username is @lukse33

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    when do we know who wins well its today but what time

  • Rimoz

    I hope I win
    Twitter name : Rimos95

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    Great giveaway! I’m @georush96

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    I want it @luisatom20

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  • Lidiarivera39

    I need an ipod touch 4g please @idevicereview

  • Pilo

    Man i tought they were gonna say who won at 6:00 and its 7:00

  • Jesus diaz

    hope i win @jesusdiaz44

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    i hope to win this. i’ll give it to my bf he lost his iTouch 🙁 it was stolen 🙁

  • inna

    OH BY THE WAY MY USERNAME IS @innananaaa

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    @jomaries_14 pick me

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