The Reason Why The iPhone 4 Siri Port Hasn’t Been Released Yet


The Siri-to-iPhone 4 port has stirred up an incredible amount of buzz lately, but nobody knows why it hasn’t been released yet. We have already shown you that Siri has been successfully ported to iPhone 4 and is said to also work with the iPod Touch 4G, and possibly the iPad 2.

In a blog post today, chpwn has basically cleared up things by explaining why the port hasn’t been made available to the public yet; and it all comes relates to copyright issues.

“..the firmware files are distributed encrypted, and we do not yet have the decryption key to access the Siri files inside of the iPhone 4S firmware file.
Just from that, you currently must already own an iPhone 4S to install Siri on it without a blatant copyright violation. But even that’s not all: if you do all of that, there’s still a few more reasons why Siri won’t just work.”

We can all agree that is is bad news for everyone wanting Siri on their iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G. Until the decryption keys are found for Apple’s IPSW files on the iPhone 4S, Siri will not be made available to the public.


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  • Rafael

    that means that all i phone 4 users have to wait untill the decryption keys are found .how long will this take? a copule months ,year?

    • Brandon


      Who knows, it could be weeks or months. I will keep you all posted.

      • Rafael

        thanks and keep up the good work Brandon

  • Daniel Autiero

    Hello, Thanks! keep us posted! And also is there a untethered jailbreak for iphone 4 5.0 now?if not when will it be avaialable?

  • M-clarke1

    i have iphone 4s . there is no siri . i need siri . so please can you tell me.please. this is my id reply me .ok

    • Aaa

      settings > general > enable siri

  • Mitchelljake

    i have iphone 4s . there is no siri . i need siri . so please can you tell me.please. this is my email : please reply

  • Mitchelljake

    I Have the iphone 4 and trying to get siri please can you tell me how to get it my emails is