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  • Beth Bertiz

    will this work on iphone with BB 4.11.08?

    • It only preserves your baseband for a future unlock

      • Beth Bertiz

        Thank you. However is there any unlock for iphone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband yet.

        • Not yet.

          • Iffiscb

            Would redsnow work for preserving baseband 01.59.00 iphone 4? As guided on iclarified. Coz ur app is for only mac

          • No, you can unlock 01.59.00 now. This preserves your baseband for a future unlock that would require a lower baseband.

          • Iffiscb

            bro help me out, i preserved the baseband and after restoring my iphone through preserved baseband the iphone has been locked, now when i use redsnow to jailbreak it stuck at preparing jailbreak and redsnow closes after not responding… have i lost my iphone????

          • Iffiscb

            adding to my previous post, the itunes says it need sim activation

          • Beth

            Can a baseband be downgraded?

  • I have a jailbroken Touch 4G(iOS 4.1). Do I need to “un-jailbreak” and update to 5.0.1 through Itunes first? Then use this jailbreak?

    • You would be better off doing that to avoid errors, yes.

  • Jimmy B

    Every time that I try to open the download, iTunes opens. Is there something that I’m doing wrong?

  • tim

    can i jailbreak 4s?

  • Brar65

    is there PwnageTool 5.0.1
    for window xp?

  • Earth1


    Show us a Video for this how to preserve Baseband with Redsn0w on iOS 5.0.1


  • Brian

    Hi. I’m a newbie and I don’t understand what Step 5 means. Can you please explain this step in detail? Thanks alot!!!

  • Stefan

    bit confused with step 5, i cant find the custom hardware?? please help

    • kiel

      step 5 is when you restore your device at itunes this is the custom hardware

  • Johnmfaulkner

    Hey mate how are you? I am having problems as I see alot of people seem to between step 4 & 5… At the end of step 4 it says that the program will automatically change from “DFU Mode” to “PWNEDDFU Mode” I dont think that is happening because when I open ITUNES I dont have any options at all I can only do the normal restore which doesn’t work… Is there something obvious I am doing wrong?
    My IPHONE is a – 
    Model – MC319LL
    Version – 5.0.1 (9A405)
    Ser No – QR….XAA.T
    Mod F/Ware – 04.11.08
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have sat in front of my computer since 9pm last night and its now 5.30am and I am still at the same point that I started at…lol

    • Johnmfaulkner

      I think I just found my answer Mod F/Ware – 04.11.08 cant be unlocked yet hey?
      It looks like “redsnow” may have worked to jailbreak it but the “PWNAGE Tool” doesn’t work to unlock the phone…..?
      Am I right? 
      Please help….

    • Darkest__eye

      same problem im having as well
      i don’t think there a way to ungrade to 01.59.00 F/ware.
      Unless People start to find the way to match the F/ware of 04.11.08
      to unlock the system to activate. I am waiting for them .,

      • Darkest__eye

        I meant downgrade*, in the 2nd sentence

  • Earl_ebon

    how to jailbreak an iphone 3gs ios 5.0.1…..
    pllzzzz helpme….!!!!

  • Jseib33

    Where do I get the firmware? Is it in iTunes?


    how dod u download this 5.0.1

  • Ayyejulicious

    This shit didn’t work! Now I have to put the ipad band on it && loose the location service! Thanks asshole

  • Guest

    When i have downloaded a game in to itunes it just comes up that the game didn`t got installed, how do i fix this??

  • Gonzalosampedro

    it didnt the first time i tired it it was going well all the little things were coming up but then it all went black  and i waited didnt turn on restored it tired it 5 more times nothing happend it just said failed 

  • Samuelgorsch

    I have windows, how can i preserve my baseband?

  • Igetfetty

    when i try to open the cydia on the ipod 4g it doesnt open . it opens for a second then closes . CAN SOMEONE HELP ME

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