How to Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered using RedSn0w 0.9.10 [Step by Step Guide]


There are two ways to get an untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak. If you’re already jailbroken (tethered), you need to use Corona Untether 5.0.1. But, if  you’re still running the stock iOS 5.0.1 firmware on your device, then you need to follow this tutorial. If you are looking for an unlock, follow this guide which will show you how to preserve your baseband for an unlock.

Step 1:

Download RedSn0w 0.9.10b1

Step 2:

Plug your device into the computer and put it into DFU mode

Step 3:

Open RedSn0w and click “Jailbreak” and a few seconds later, select “Install Cydia”


That’s it! You now have an untethered jailbreak on your 5.0.1 device. If you have any question or issues, leave a comment and I will do my best to reply with a solution.

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  • Jackyen520

    does this JB work on ipad2?

  • Edwardd Cms

    How Come My Cydia Doesn’t Work ? When I Try To Download Winterboard Or Add Sources It Says It Doesnt Work. Andd I Have And Ipod Touch 4G. And I Had The Stock IOS 5.0 Before i jailbroke it , HELP ME!!

    • Cydia is having a lot of issues tonight because of the overload of people their server is getting. I would imagine that this issue will fix itself within the next couple of days.

      • Edwardd Cms

        Because on the morning when it came out it was working fine , but then after awhile cydia stopped working and i restored it 4 times and it still giving me the same problems.

        • Yeah, everyone is trying to get on Cydia now since the untethered JB released. Don’t worry, it will fix itself soon.

          • Edwardd Cms

            Alright Thanks . I Thought It was Just My Ipod Cause My Grandmas Iphone4 Works Perfectly And I Jailbroke It At The Same Time As Mine.

  • Rauly94

    The problem that i’m having is that when i’m doing the jailbreak it stop were it says ” Waiting for reboot ” please help me. What can i do?

    • Rauly94

      Hello Brandon please “HELP ME”

      • Try selecting “Extras” and then “Select IPSW” and point to your 5.0.1 ipsw file. If that doesn’t work, restore to factory settings and try the jailbreak again.

  • Liam

    After I do the DFU it seems everything is going okay until it gets to the “Waiting for Reboot” page. then my Iphone 4 actually turns back on like it normally would showing the apple screen and redsn0w stays on the same “Waiting for Reboot” stage with no progress. I have made sure I have the right firmware and redsn0w download and ios 5.0.1 update.

    • Rauly94

      Liam i’m having the same problem that you are haveing. The pop-out it does not apear. Help Us?????

  • Liam

    And it also doesn’t give me an option for enable battery percentage, in it’s place it shows enable multitask gestures. It also gives me a checkbox for deactivate which I haven’t seen on anyone elses videos. I did make sure I am using the redsn0w 0.9.10b1 so I don’t know why I keep getting this. I even deleted the program and re downloaded it and it still gives me the same issue.

  • mr.arizona20

    when i put my ipod in DFU mode, after a few seconds, it goes through first and second stage then it says waiting for reboot…. so i waited and nothing happens… what do i do??

    • Liam

      At this time I’m resetting my factory settings on my phone since I have all my data saved on my computer anyways. Then I’m going to retry it and see if that helps. I am having the similar problem

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  • Ali_kutub

    my iohone dont enter to DFU mode and stoppped work

  • Ali_kutub

    my iohone dont enter to DFU mode and stoppped work

  • Midsmokey

    hey bro does winterboard and installous work on iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 untetherd

  • Jane-sunshine

    is there a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0?

  • guest

    Using a 1st gen ipad, I get an “exploit failed” error on b1 and b2 using a completely stock ipad with 5.0.1. What can I do to fix this?

  • Chirag1106

    i guess we dont have to download ios 5.0.1 firmware file????????

    • No need to. It’s a straight up device jailbreak.

      • guest

        When I attempt to use this method with an iPad 1st gen, I get an “exploit failed” error. Do you know what I can do to fix this?
        iPad 1st gen, 5.0.1, stock.

  • Nickball03

    this jailbreak for ipad ?

  • Doublemkz

    is gevey sim work on it (baseband 4.11.08)

  • Alexg1050

    Why when I try to install sources it keeps saying error?

  • Asdfjkl

    can i do this over my tethered jailbreak or do i have to restore

  • Alexg1050

    Can I jailbreak my iPad2 5.0.1 ?

  • Kingsiris204

    wth, my ipod wont turn back on how do i fix that??

    • Imsimple27

      mine did that the first time i tried it and i had to restore it in itunes

  • Bon que que

    After this jailbreak I will never update again 😀
    Thanks Brandon, my neegah.

  • Edwadd Cmss

    Does This Work For The IPod Touch 3rd Gen ?

  • Kingsiris204

    i did the jailbreak but i dont have cydia on my ipod what do i do from here??

    • Who Knows

      Yu should re try to JB.

  • Kingsiris204

    how would i go about fixing my cydia cannot locate package problem??

  • Jose Carter

    hi Brandon i have iphone 4 IOS 5.0.1 BB 04.11.08 can i do unthered jailbreak. my phone is not yet activate can i still jaillbreak please avice.

  • domdomdomdomdom

    how do i download redsn0w?

  • RosieY

    How can I jailbreak using linux?

  • Jamie_online

    I can’t search in cydia, crashes every time i try to type in the search column

  • Ak9cali


  • Nycmalenyc

    I keep getting error 21 and when that is resolved i get error 1600 in iTunes. No matter what i do it wont update the new firmware. i’m still stuck on 4.3.3 Jailbreak. Any Suggestions? I’m using window if that helps.

    • Nycmalenyc

      I figured it out.. first step go to notepad but dont open just left click an click run as admin then look for the file Host and open. look for any thing with and delete just that.. then save it and iTunes should update your firmware to 5.0.1 then you can use the new untethered JB.

  • B Garcia1996

    is there a way to jail break my ipod without plugging it in because when i plug it in my home button wont work. plz help

  • The_hacker97

    My iPod touch 4G wouldnt turn on it would just keep on the apple logo and turn off and I tried a tethered boot and it didn’t work and I had to restore my iPod and then I tried the jailbreak again and it work but my safari doesn’t work. Heads up I already tried running it as admin and I’m on windows 7

  • Vitorhorodynski

    I have jailbroken my iPod touch with the operating system 4 ios 5.0.1 when there was only jalbreak tethered, that’s what I ended up after a while let the battery fully discharge my iPod and I did not save on my computer the ISPW and the redsnow the corresponding just to give the boot, help me please
    Note: the redsnow is used 09.9.b8
    sorry for the mistakes of English (I’m Brazilian)

  • Weldon224

    i have the iphone 4 model 1349 from sprint. will this jailbreak with redsnow work for me?

  • Siverriver

    I have an Iphone 4 and whenever i try to jailbreak, my phone turns on automatically at the “waiting for reboot” page…
    What should i do????

  • Siverriver

    I have an Iphone 4 and whenever i try to jailbreak, my phone turns on automatically at the “waiting for reboot” page…
    What should i do????

  • Afur34

    It says explit failed 🙁

  • Rudolfnose

    Can i use it for iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1?

  • Tankachi


  • Tankachi


  • Hoover02

    is there anyway i can jailbreak my iphone 4S

  • Imsimple27

    it is stuck on waiting for reboot
    even trying to just reboot myself

  • Mooneytommy44

    How can I do it

  • alex

    hey man this is very helpful 😀 but when its on the rebooting stage, the redsn0w popup dosent show wat do i do, did i do something wrong?

  • Kristyzinkowski

    does this work on an iPad2?

  • Jess

    This might be a stupid question but does this work for iPod Touch 2g? The version is 4.2.1

  • guest

    i have a iphone 4 and i get “exploit failed” …. ive got windows and i dont know whats wrong :/

  • Miss_me

    does this work with ipad 2 as well??

  • Hammerheadcam

    when i go to cydia homepage it says it could be a fake version which could put my security at rish

  • Krystel_amethyst

    Um…while jail breaking, redsnow was accidentally cancelled and now, my ipod won’t turn on…what should i do? 🙁

  • Krystel_amethyst

    Ooops…just ignore my first comment. It’s GOOD. Thanks!

  • guest

    i have an ipod 4g and i did everything you wrote above, but everythime wen it says waiting for reboot it freezes and my ipod turns on, with no white cydia. i don’t understand. can anyone help me?

  • Vjeromez

    4th gen
    redsn0w 0.9.10 beta 3 windows
    everything works fine untill after i put it in DFU mode and it says waiting for reboot
    my itouch just reboots normally with the apple logo and there is no cydia.
    does my itouch have to be synced with itunes on my computer?

    • Anonymous

      same problem here

      • Delmonte15

        my iphone iPhone 4 A1332 also jailbroke it everything look good except when I went to home looked and guess what?? no cydia there

        • Siverriver

          you might have to reboot….

      • Vjeromez

        Hey guys i finally got cydia!
        The only thing i did differently was that right when u open redsn0w click on extras or whatever its called and use the ipsw that you had to download as if it were a tethered jailbreak.

        And because its beta3 i guess itll be untethered because mine is untethered and has cydia… Lol idk what happened but yea. Try it again but treat it as the tethered tutorial way 🙂 best of luck to all!

    • Siverriver

      you have to download an ipsw file for you device.
      after that, you have to open redsn0w go to extras select ipsw and then select your ipsw file. Then you can normally jailbreak. I had the same problem and when i did this, it worked.

      • Hbarhoum123

        how do i do that what’s the site for it

        • Hbarhoum123

          and when i do what u show it stays on the expoting with limern1

      • Supersaiyaneva

        You good sir, are amazing XD How did you know to do this? I’ve been trying to get into DFU mode for the longest time and searched for solutions with no luck until I saw your comment. Thank you =]

        • Supersaiyaneva

          ok never mind, it didn’t work -___- ugh, I’m do frustrated with this x__x

          • Dontbother

            Try from another COmputer. Its sometimes todo with the Computer Firewall

      • Chandler231

        I’m having the same problem.  What is the ipsw file and how to i download it?

  • Banjo213

    once i download redsnow it keeps opening and closing and doesnt stop can i fix this

  • Sheengame

    I have iphone 3gs with grandpa iOS 3.0, should i do all of this in ur video and be 100 % sure that it works for me too?

  • Svmetalhead1

    great i did the jailbreak everything works fine.
    and now how do I make it so it uses any carrier? I dont want to use AT&T.

  • Reply2zain

    when it was in the middle of “exploiting limerain” it said that it encountered a problem and it was gone. Luckily nothing happened to my iphone 4 but can u help me

  • zphone

    Thank you soooo much i had some problemd with beta 3 but after i used beta 2 it worked all fine thank you! 🙂

  • Usaboybuon1

    if i jailbreak with redsnow 0.9.9b1 can i re jaikbreak with 0.9.10b3 ? And how can i do that ?

  • Amir4571

    when I try with my 4s, it says auto-detection not available. any solutions to this?

  • Usaboybuon1

    if i jailbreak with redsnow 0.9.9b1 already , can i re jailbreak with resnow 0.9.10b3 ? because everytime i turn off my iphone it getting stuck on the apple lego …

    • Jamiem1028

      its called tethred jailbreak u dope

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  • nordiquewafflepaste5

    Ipod 4th Gen — IOS: 5.0.1 — redsn0w_win_0.9.10b3
    After I boot up in DFU mode and it seems to be working, an error message pops up and says “redsn0w has encountered a problem and needs to close”. Redsnow then closes. I have tried a number of times and am getting the same problem. PLEASE HELP

  • xoxoCATTxoxo

    after i did the “just boot” it keeps on saying “waiting for reboot” even though i’ve turned my ipod off then back on. help!?

  • Liz

    I uninstalled Cydia thinking it was the reason my phone was suddenly saying NO SIM. I restarted my phone and it was fine. But now I can’t get Cydia back–PLEASE HELP! I followed all of the same steps, but its not popping up on my springboard upon completion.

  • Missmisha09

    I’m about to see If this work

  • Madsastorp

    i dont know what to downlode iphone 4 gsm or iphone 4 cdma

  • Chasedeprey

    does dfu mode delete anything

  • Fernando

    Hi Brandon,
    Jailbreak was ok but now i have a problem with iBooks.
    It gives an error “configuration error” U need to restore ibooks.
    Can u pse help me? Thks

  • Stevent2131

    hey man i done all of thisafter it rebooted it come up that it needed authorized no i wont oanything cantreboot cant reinstall …its worthless…please help

  • Eaglealien2

    I need to unsimlock 4S phone via a pc, not sure how to do so. Japanese telcoms wont unsimlock. thanks

  • Jason

    Help i entered dfu mode and it didnt work. and now i cant turn it on again.

  • Hayssam123

    i just bought two ipods
    i jailbroke one and worked
    the other one i cant even get it in dfu mode why

  • Jarvisjacob72

    my ipod keeps on going into safe mode how do i fix that?

  • jacob

    my iod wont stop going into safe mode how do i fix that

  • Jessy Torres18

    do we have to put it in dfu mode

  • Herde5

    thank you for your time, that was easy with yours steps

  • When i click jailbreak in redsn0w i did the dfu mode and it says succesfully identified then it wont go to the next step.

  • stevo

    Thanks Brandon.. Worked first time on the ipod 4th gen!
    Now my iphone hopefully have the same luck!

  • buddy

    doent even lets me download redsnow it says applaction not found

  • Hondatohru

    Hi, I followed all the instruction, it installed Cydia, but I select user rather the hacker, is this a problem as it seems that my iPhone is not jailbreaked neither unsimlocked.
    I’ve got an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1. Any help?

  • Master_dwen107

    when I held the home button for 15 seconds, it didnt finish counting suddenly it sayS Ipad is not supported what do I do?

  • Master_dwen107

    when I held the home button for 15 seconds, it didnt finish counting suddenly it sayS Ipad is not supported what do I do?

  • Chayanne Berges

    how can i download redsnow

  • B Mondo015

    how do i unlock my iphone after the jailbreak

  • does anything happend to your iphone or ipod touch that you should know before jailbreaking?

  • beatm0nster

    I dont know how to download the redsn0w. Can you make a video on how to? Or something?

  • Stevencoldham2008

    it doesnt work for me at all 🙁 when i try and jailbreak my iphone it says error in the data screen. it doesnt even go to the pineapple bit

  • Stevencoldham2008

    oh and when it does the matrix style data it kinda goes through it all but then it keeps saying please wait…
    please wait…
    please wait…
    please wait…
    for about 20 times then it says error! no succeddful firmware download after 600000 ms!! giving up….

    what do i do???

  • Can iphone 4s be jailbreak? If can,can you link me

  • doesnt wrk

  • Dallas_u

    I download the firmware but it says it doesn’t reckognize it, what do I do?

  • nicholas tiong

    why in my cydia don’t have manage icon, after i jailbreak my ipad 1 by RedSn0w 0.9.10b3??
    pls help…..

    • nicholas tiong

      and how do i install the intallaus in my cydia?? no manage icon…..

  • Hunterkm96

    It says my Ipad2 is not supported… Help?

  • steph12310

    I have cydia and everything. But it keeps saying this:

    Unable to Load (The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “” which could put your confidential information at risk.)

    what do i do now?

  • alex

    hi, i need your help!!!!!
    I just install the new cydia on my iphone4 5.0.1 and for some reason it got deleted (the icon just missing from my phone) can you tell me how to reinstall cydia back to my phone…
    Thank you so much

  • Johnny Kush

    My ipod works fine but the cydia app doesnt open it just crashs whats wrong?

  • Sethboii

    After the jailbreak, it showed cydia, but it was a white app and did not open..

  • Anonymous

    i m planning to jailbreak my iphone 4 ios 5.0.1…
    shud i download redsnow 0.9.10 beta 1 or beta 3???
    do i hav to download ipsw file???
    can i install siri after jailbreak???

  • Big_j2012

    do i need to download any firmwares im on 5.0.1 do i just open redsnow and Jailbreak?? thats it i dont need no Files i wont brick my iphone etc its dont need any them blob things to keep everything ??

    • Big_j2012

      by way its iphone4 running 5.0.1 do i not need to save the shsh blobs etc ? or do i just hit Jailbreak  i am the Same guy as above 

  • Jamietonyan

    i cant figure out how to or where you are finding the thing to download for windows. this is going horrible so far…

  • Marcus

    I have finnished downloading Cydia, but when I try to “Add sources” or “Search Package” Cydia brokes down and I have to restart Cydia. Why does this happan? Is this a Bug??

  • Aspeno15

    mine wont work. it stops at the rebooting part and it turnes my ipod on regularly and then nothing happens.

  • Henleys12

    it says no fetched data found

  • Thayaala

    Hi..i am getting error, “Error with SHSH blobs”..can some one please assist.

  • Thayaala

    Hi…i am not able to locate the IPSW file after downloading the ZIP hence unable to change the “select IPSW”…please assist.

  • torres

    i have an iphone 4 5.0.1 and have been trying to jailbreak it and still haven’t been able to if anyone can help please email me at

  • Paul McNulty

    I jail broke my iPod touch 4th gen with redsn0w 0.9.10b5. Everything worked but I don’t know how to get all the apps in the app store for free ? Can you please help ?

  • Ashleyrangel24

    I followed the instructions exactly. I have everything on my phone but after I install something and try to open it, the app allows me to open it for like 2 seconds then shuts off and kicks me out. This happens for everything I install. What do I do?

  • Ugdjhjhjgksjf

    OK i downloaded the redsnow link above (took about a hour to download as well) and did the instructions and everything he did in the video and still i get stuck on the rebooting screen? can anyone help me?

  • Loezajaime

    Help i think I messed up with holding the buttons and now my ipod touch wont even turn on help

  • D_o1213

    hey it didi not reboot

  • D_o1213

    hey it didi not reboot

  • A Evans07

    what does the redsnow jailbreak allow us to access on our devises?

  • Tjommeligterink

    does your ipod needs to be completly empty ??

  • Anthonyolathe1999

    when i download it and its finish its doesnt do anything help

  • I did everything you said and it worked cydia came
    but I cant install anything on cydia
    it comes up as cannot comply when i hit install
    “Note: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed. ”
    i dont know what to do can you help plz 

  • Daniel

    I have 3rd gen
    When i jailbreak i click cydia and enable battery. But when it comes Limer1n my ipod just turns on… i have Ios 5.0.1….

  • Hhagen1996

    My iPod I just jailbroke it, but it is taking forever to reboot /:

  • Gunshot2424

    when i try to jailbreak my ipod touch 4th generation…i open redsn0w i select the ipsw and then it says the ipsw is unrecognizable…And when i try without the ispw it passes through all the steps and then it stop at “waiting for reboot” and the ipod turns back on.

    • Gunshot2424

      please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    im trying to jailbreak my iphone 4 and the only thing i really need with the jail break is tethering..but cydia says “cannot locate package” is there any other package i can use? im running ios 5.0.1 and ran redsn0w 0.9.10 beta 1 is this the right set up or not?

  • Michele Winegardner

    i have the iPhone 4 version 5.0.1 (9A405), its model is MC***** & modem firmware 3.0.03. My iPhone is not tethered either. How do I jailbreak it? I have used several redsn0ws and downloaded several firmwares and nothing is working… help me please.

    • Sarah Jennings


  • Mr.Grapefruit

    my ipod touch will not go into DFU mode can you please help me 

  • Cali Gurl48

    question when im trying to follow the instructions on installing cydia on redsnow it keeps saying No identifying data fetched. what do i do from there? pls help

  • Help me

    My IPod does’nt turn off so is it safe to preform this?

  • Shawnalmeida

    my ipod is stuck on a spiral what should i do

  • Eckdragon101


    HELP!!! i tried getting my iPod into DNS mode and it crashed and wont turn back on! WHAT DO I DO?!

  • Eckdragon101

    i mean DFU

  • Berker911

    Urm bro, I want to ask for your advice 😀 im new in any apple products so should I JB (tethered) first or do I directly JB (Untethered)???

  • Mads Jensen

    Can someone please answear me on this? :). Am i able to restore my device, after i’ve jailbreaked it? Thankyou.

  • Williams Jeremiah95

    wat do u put hacker or user or developer

  • Chris Woods

    i dont know how to get the ipsw to jailbreak im on windows and i dont know how it can work

  • Matt

    When I download the redsn0w I cant run it, it gives me errors??? Am i extracting it incorrectly?

  • Toystorykid94

    Thank you so very much. Easy to follow and because of you i have completed my 1st ever jailbreak. I can’t say thank you enough 🙂


  • Thomasremulus

    it taking a long time identifying is this till ok

  • Vollybll4lyfe29

    when trying to put my phone into DFU mode the screen just went completely black, cannot turn my phone back on now. WHAT DO I DO???

  • DeMazio Holmes

    What  do i do if while jailbreaking using redsnow as in told in the video above on 5.0.1 after it says identifying it trys to exploit and then it says **no identifying data fetched***  what do i do please help anyone

  • Thomas eng

    it comes on the screen *error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms* pliz help. i have tryed everything.. 

  • Littlejimmie

    i accidently took my finger off the home button and now my ipod has gone to factory settings , is there any way i can restore my data? 

  • Elvis

    Cydia is still not on my iPod I did all your steps a great number of amount of times. Also it took my iTunes, App Store, Safari, And Settings off my iPod. What the Hell!!! Please help me.

  • carlos..

    it says identifying and takes for ever

  • Asraful D2k

    how to i jailbreak my iphoe 4s Software version 5.0.1 ( build version 9A405 ) please help me brother ………………..

  • rinko

    it was patching kernels when my computer hanged and the program was force to close! Now I cant switch ipod touch on! help!

  • Partystarter98

    If I jailbreak my ipod will i still have a ll my music,Apps,pictures ? and what does DFU Mean and how do i get it in that mode

  • Phelpsc93

    what is the difference from tethered and untethered …also i did my iphone 4 untethered …i installed cydia and ultrasnow…can i now use it on tmobile

  • Shenan360

    dude thank you 

  • JonathanPolk10

    i got a winrar file?

  • Jimzinhd

    Brandon ever time I go through the process and get to waiting for device to boot it always boots back into the OS – any thoughts


  • Justloseit1996

    if u have a lot of app will go slow??

  • Dodgeblaze

    do you have to restore your ipod first?

  • Rondo

    I am currently on the 4.3.3 untethered jailbreak (off
    and havnt updated since.

    Im guessing I download the IOS 5.0.1. which is on the same page as the jailbreak download.

    how exactly do I install it?


  • Timmcyi5

    i am doing this on windows and i dont have the 3 pack what do have to do

  • Jonathancardinale

    mine just says identifying and goes on forevor

    • Bedfordlacrosse69

      I have the same problem

  • Zombiekid62

    i did everything it said then it just says no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!!! giving up ….what do i do

  • jaelil lowloye

    can we still use this even if we have ios 5.1?

  • Mohamed5600


  • Xena

    Hi  brandon. I was trying to put my iphone 3gs on DFU mode and now the screen is black and its not turning on? i am getting worried now!

  • Pedro_estrada2001

    where do i find the ipws file

  • Jen

    We got all the way through to the end but now our cydia keeps crashing, and so does safari. What should we do?

  • Wilsterfletcher

    it say something like there is a new version of redsnow available and stops at the reboot

  • Jim

    Thank u very much I tried a lot for jailbreak my phone which is 4.11.08 but this one worked well..Next question is there any way I can UNLOCK the phone?

  • Rafael Pagan546

    Is that i downloaded the redsnow and i put the ipod un dfu mode but when i open the redsnow it launches itunes?How i open redsnow?

  • Torres_giovannie

    i tried downloading the redsn0w onto my computer and its not showing up ? i can only find it inside the document files, i updated my ipod by mistake and it had erased everything i ever had on it, i really need your help.

  • will this get me free apps? and if it does than how will i get my apps/games back since i’m assuming it will all be gone when i i’m done with the process? Will this still work as of today? Someone replay asap so i can know now. Thanks a bunch.

  • Does this work as if today?. Will it get me free paid apps?

  • Ninj4x3

    I Can’t Find the Way of Doing this on Windows 7. Please Help ?!

  • Jessy B.

    its not letting me go into cydia, and it’s already jailbroken ! -_-

  • Ali_kutub

    I installed it correctly but cydia dosent appear

  • ali hameed

    i installed it but cydia dosent appear why ???????

  • oswaldo cortes

    i have a question I’ve heard that if your trying to upload your IPhone 3gs firmware from 05.15.05 to 06.15.00 so it can be use in T-Mobile that if the 3rd 4th and 5th numbers on the serial number are higher than 135 it can mess up your IPhone permanently … is this true? and if so how can update it without messing it up thanks 

  • Mangumjustin8

    um wen i want to unjailbreak my ipod what do i do

    • oswaldo cortes

      have you tried to restore it ? on itunes?

  • Reezozil

    where can i download the 5.0.1 firmware?

  • SeriouslyNeedsHelp

    i have a black iPhone 4 with sprint and i have downloaded redsn0w but my iphone will not go back into dfu mode again !

  • brandon

    what happen if you put it on dfu and then it says no indenifying data fetched when it rebooting

  • Ruthnoemiespinoza

    it says it doesnt recognize my device. i dwnloaded redsnow then followed the instructions 3 times and each time i cant get it into dfu mode

  • tech freak

    it works…so happy DDDDDDDD xD LoL

  • Kustsrus

    I installed RedsnOw and it went thru the process and rebooted but got stuck during rebooting. I cannot do anything on my phone now. How do I get it to work?