iPhone 4S Gets 96% Satisfaction Rate, Most Popular Apple Smartphone Ever


After the record-breaking sales worldwide and being met with great reviews, a new survey suggests that the people who spend their own money on an iPhone 4S are pretty happy about it.

The survey, which was conducted by ChangeWave, took in the views of 215 iPhone 4S owners between November 2nd and 9th, and 96% of those questioned said that they were satisfied with their new device.

The study continues, with 77% of those surveyed saying that they are “very satisfied” with the iPhone 4S. When put together with the 19% who were only “somewhat satisfied,” this makes the iPhone 4S the most loved iPhone ever.

In comparison, the iPhone 4 found itself to be a little less satisfactory, with 72% of owners “very satisfied” and 21% “somewhat satisfied” with the smartphone.


Another section of this survey was conducted using the dropped call issue and only 8% of iPhone 4S owners said that it was a “very big problem.” Another 20% indicated battery life on the iPhone 4S was “somewhat of a problem.”


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