Apple Unveils iBooks 2 With Interactive Textbook Support


Apple executives took the stage at the education event in New York City earlier this morning and unveiled iBooks 2. The application, which is available today, is said to have reinvented textbooks – and it surely does look that way as of now.

The iBooks 2 application features interactive models, movies, and imagery in landscape mode; In portrait, interactive on the left, words on the right.

Here is a list of features for the new iBooks 2 application:

  • Books feature dramatic intro movies
  • Use multitouch gestures to peruse the books
  • Rich engaging features like 3D models
  • Interactivity
  • Authors have total freedom in terms of laying out text and graphics
  • Rotating in portrait mode retains traditional book layout
  • Index links in back of book
  • Interactive glossary
  • Quick jumping to specific page numbers

This big step towards education will be huge for the whole US education system, as more students will want to get involved with the interactivity and fun of doing work on an iPad.

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