Custom Siri Commands


Although Siri is one of the best improvements that Apple has made to their Devices, it lacks some essential commands. Siri has some awesome commands, like weather, time, stocks, internet, and encyclopedia; but it lacks a lot of special and really good commands such as taking a picture or Tweeting. As noted on the Apple website, Siri is still in the Beta Stage; that means that Apple will improve Siri in the near future. But,some users are anxious for getting Siri custom commands. Searching on Cydia, I found this awesome  tweak that lets you to run some basic commands for you iDevice through Siri. Below I will show you how to find them on Cydia.

Custom Commands  

  • Reboot – will reboot your iDevice
  • Power off – will turn off your iDevice
  • Restart SpringBoard – will restart Springboard of your iDevice
  • Enter Safe Mode – will enter in Safe Mode on your iDevce


1) Open Cydia

2) Go to the Search Bar, and Search for VoiceUtils.

3) Tap on the Package

4) Tap on “Install” ; then Tap on “Confirm”

5) When everything is Complete, tap on “Restart SpringBoard”

6) Now Open Siri and Try It.

Although this commands aren’t that advanced, in a near future we will see them. When the iPhone 4S was jailbroken, it opened a door for Siri customization, including Siri Colors, Siri backgrounds and Commands. Take advantage of this opportunity,and jailbreak your iDevice before its late. Why? The current version (iOS 5.0.1) is jailbreakable, but when Apple releases 5.0.2 or 5.1 it will be impossible  to jailbreak, as Apple will patch the method is used for the jailbreak. If you dont know how to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2, here you will find the guide Mac and for Windows with Asbinthe.

-Isaac Cortez (icormat)

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