How to Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” When Using Absinthe


As you know, the Absinthe jailbreak tool was just released to jailbreak the A5 devices. As usual, a jailbreak brings along various new errors for users that are trying to jailbreak their device. The “Error Establishing a Database Connection” is the most popular error at the moment and we are going to show you how to fix it.

All you need to do is go to Settings > Network > VPN > ON. After enabling the VPN connection, you should get an error followed by a reboot. After the reboot, try launching the Absinthe application again.

Did this work for you?


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  • Chris

    Hey it did not work!! Plus all my applications don’t work now and all my pictures got deleted.

  • Juniorkillahlp

    work for me bro thanks a lot!!

    • No problem, glad it helped

  • Greydandy

    it did not reboot

    • Keep trying, it should eventually work

    • Feraidoon

      same here not rebooting for me either did you get a fix?

  • chris

    Hey I kept trying and finally worked for me!! Thanks a lot love your website!! good job

  • Feraidoon

    i found a fix to the vpn not restarting wen the error pop up occurs you have to go to settings -> general-> reset ->  reset all setting after that try jail breaking again if absinthe does not work again try turning vpn on again and you should be restarted and have cydia

    • Nice! Thanks for sharing. Hope it helps some people.

    • Krishna

      hi i tried turning on the vpn but it asks me to configure a vpn which i dont know so i am unable to turn on the VPN..can anyone help..

    • Somosdebarrio

      i tried and an error still comes out 🙁

    • Blackdragonx5

      This worked for me, everyone with a 
       “The URL cannot be shown” or “VPN” problem should try this! 😀 thanks a lot

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  • Toto-toni

    come si esegue il cli

  • Pk

    i have w windows vista laptop and an ipad 2 on ios 5.0.1 

    when i click on jailbreak it starts the process but after it is done with rebooting absinthe crashes and windows shuts its down can u plz help me wht shall i do becoz i need the jailbreak ASAP

  • Gootjr

    Hey Brandon looking for a little help. I am trying to jailbreak on windows and when it gets to preparing to jailbreak I get a error messege that say Absinthe has stopped working. I have tried it many tomes with the same results, any ideas. Thanks Bob

  • Mozes520

    It wont let me turn on the VPN…

  • Helper2all


    it is not restarting after error



  • Somosdebarrio

    it didnt restart after the error ! help me pleasseee

  • big haneef

    how do i jailbreak the new ipod ios5 i cant find nothing on here which will help me download an jailbreak :/

  • Blezhpaz

    im trying to open the VPN but it says 
    a configyration error occured..
    what should i do?

  • Jimmymackey1234

    im getting absinthe has stopped working error. what do i do?

  • Cconley23

    it wont let me start the jailbreak with my iphone 4s what am  doing wrong

  • Mguerra32

    wat does it mean if i put the vpn on at it continues to cut off

  • Mguerra32

    it shows       VPN CONNECTION
                 aconfiguration error occurred

    what do i do if i try turning it on an this comes up?

  • Denilya conn

    I will pay 19.95 to u if u will help me jailbreak my iPhone 4S I know u don’t ask for money but I bought a debit card with twenty dollars on it for another web site so,can u except this card or not if u need anymore info on me ask

  • Denilya conn

    The other site asked 4 money so I know u can’t get into trouble