iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Jailbreak: “Not Much Longer Now”


Here we go again, more rumors of the A5 jailbreak coming soon. Hacker and frontman of the Chronic-Dev Dev Team P0sixNinja just tweeted that the it shouldn’t take much longer now.

Of coarse we have heard this numerous times but after seeing both A5 devices successfully jailbroken, I think it is for real this time.

Could this jailbreak make it’s debut this weekend? Stay tuned.

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  • Blakestiffler

    Why should this even excite anyone considering they have beenable to do this for weeks with a developer account. This is in no way at all a sign that a jailbreak that anyone can use exists or will be released. Im getting sick of hearing about it. As far as im concerned there is no jailbreak until i have it