SiriToggles – New Custom Siri Commands!


If you remember my last article, I explained the status of the custom commands on Siri. Well, the wait for “advanced” custom commands is over. With the new Cydia tweak, SiriToggles, you can launch apps, power off device , set brightness level, control bluetooth and wifi, toggle airplane mode, etc… This is an awesome breakthrough in Siri customization, in only four days, since the iPhone 4S jailbreak, we re already seeing custom Siri, commands, background, and colors. Now, let me show you how to get this tweak from the Cydia Store.



1) Jailbroken iPhone 4S
2) Any iOS device with Spire Port. (You will need a Proxy Address)


1) Open Cydia





2) Go to “Search” and type “SiriToggles”








3) Tap on the Tweak and Install it.

4) Wait until it finishes installing, and tap on “Restart SpringBoard”

5) Now Try Opening an App with Siri.





Custom Commands

-Power Off
-Set Brightness to x%
-Open “Angry Birds” (This is an example, this tweak accepts all the names of the apps you have installed)
-Toggle ON/OFF: Airplane Mode, WI-FI, Bluetooth, 3G.
-Battery Life: “How much battery do I have left”

For more info, please check the info on the package  for which commands to say.

Note: If you installed “VoiceUtils” from the last “Siri Commands” tutorial, please uninstall it to avoid conflicts.

-Isaac Cortez (icormat)

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