Leaked iPad 3 Details Show Quad-Core A6 Processor and LTE Capability


Apparently, newly leaked photos shows details regarding the iPad 3 and its features. Somebody over at BGR got their hands on some images from a source claiming to be in possession of an iPad 3.

The photos contain data from iBoot, a debug tool used for development. These images show several details about what may very well be the iPad 3. The device is noted to have a Quad-core A6 processor and LTE capability.

After looking at the photos, the same J1 and J2 model numbers that DigiTimes uncovered a few weeks ago show up again. While DigiTimes assumed they were two different devices, BGR believes it’s actually the same device. One Wi-Fi only version, and one with GSM/CDMA/LTE.

Additionally, the leaked screenshots show what could be a quad-core A6 processor, model number S5L8945X. In comparison, A4 model number was S5L8930X, while the A5 was S5L8940X.



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