The New iPad May Be Called iPad HD


Now we may know when the next generation iPad will be announced  and what it will possibly feature, but do we really know for sure that it will be called the iPad 3? Most people and websites have been calling it the iPad 3 just from assumption since it will be the third iPad, but that name was never confirmed by anybody.

According to Gizmodo, the new device will actually be named the iPad HD instead of the iPad 3. The site has a report where they point to a couple key pieces of evidence, including alleged part listings from Griffin and Belkin cases.

So let’s talk about these product listings. Gizmodo published a photo (seen above) of alleged part listings for a Griffin case that’s compatible with Apple’s new iPad. But  instead of Griffin calling it the iPad 3, the listing shows iPad HD. Griffin is a well-known accessory-maker for Apple products but why would they give out the name of an upcoming, unannounced product?

Accessory manufacturers usually get the physical specifications for new products early, and also the name of the product early so that they can label their cases correctly. Since the new iPad is going to be announced next week, this seems like the perfect time for information like this to leak.

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