Apple to Release New iMac in Late 2012, Early 2013


Although Apple’s 2012 WWDC event made a lot of Apple users excited about new, upcoming products, those who were hoping to hear about a new iMac were let down. At the conference, Apple mainly concentrated on everything except for the iMac; the biggest upgrade being made to the Macbook Pro, which now comes with Retina display and upgraded performance specs. It has been over 400 days since the iMac has received an update, and Ivy Bridge processors fit for the iMac have been available since April. This would lead one to think that an update should be here soon.

The rumor of early 2013 being the release date for the new iMac’s started after Apple CEO Tim Cook answered a fan-submitted question via email and Cook stated that the professional desktop users are very important for the company and the apple team is up to a new project regarding the pro customers of apple that is most likely to come at the beginning of next year. In his word that upgrade is “really great’ and the professional will love it.

However, there are other, trustworthy rumors that the new iMac may be coming sooner. Sooner, as in late 2012.

The new Macbook Pro that was just introduced matched the exact specs of the previously leaked info of a fifteen inch non-retina display Macbook; the tests come via Primate Labs. These tests confirmed that the leaked info was, in fact, legitimate.

The leaked specifications of the new iMac show that this upcoming model is iMac13, 2. The powerful desktop computer will run on 3.4 GHz Core i7-3770 quad-core processor with 4 GB of 1600 MHz RAM, and will operate on Mountain Lion, OS X 10.8. The image of the specs can be seen below.

To even further fuel these rumors, it was initially reported that Apple would update the iMac and Mac Pro models in 2013, as stated by Apple representatives. After those reports got out to the public, part of Apple’s press relations staff specifically stated that only the Mac Pro would get the 2013 update. Based on that clarification, the iMac update is very likely to come by the end of this year, rather than in 2013.


  • The new iMac is seriously the most awaited one. First Apple product launch after Steve Jobs death, let’s see how it goes. 

  • Noway

    1 to many disappointments from a company that only supplies mutton dressed as lamb. The new macbooks are poor to say the least when you consider the price, the OS is getting beyond a joke with the only saving grace that it aint worth writing a virus for (probably because you would have to pay for the privilege as the money pinchers even charge developers). All in all given the amount of money Apple generates i find what they give back to those who support them is a god damn joke, i am off to cheaper, faster pastures where development costs nothing, machines cost less, everything is far faster and maybe i can actually game at 60fps without having to resort to calculator settings. One step to far Apple, another customer lost.

    • Opey

      If your just worrying about game play then a pc would be better for you anyway. Mac was and never has been advertised as a gaming platform.
      Even so, I can get 60fps on my 21.5 8 iMac with out pushing it.

  • Court Jester

    Ahh yes, but will it be capable of run Snow Leopard as an OS?
    and where the f***k is the FireWire port, and the audio in port?
    And why oh why, is there still no option for an easy access panel enabling user hard drive replacement/ upgrade.
    And where oh where did the dvd-R drive go? How am I supposed to watch DVD’s and load my music collection, or distribute my photos amongst my family.

    Apple responds tongue-in-cheek, “Sorry but those basic necessities would get in the way of the key feature -the wonderful thin screen.”
    I repy, “Yup, you’ve missed the boat once again Apple, I can’t wait to see how impressive your next downgrade of the Mac Pro line. Based on recent downgrades, I expect the next Mac Pro will have an amazing graphics card, be 40% thinner, 80% less useful, and will lack any useful form of I/O and will make the Mac Pro 1.1 circa 2006 even more attractive to professionals.

    Apple seems to have forgotten that the market is diverse, and while pandering to the needs of seven year olds, seems to be neglecting en-masse their entire existing customer base.