How To Check If Your Apple Device UDID Has Been Compromised By The AntiSec Leak


Earlier today, the hacking group AntiSec had leaked over one million Apple Device UDID’s from an FBI agent’s laptop. This is only one-twelfth of the UDID’s the hacking group actually recovered, they have a total of twelve million device IDs, along with personal information. The reason they only leaked one million is to prove to everyone that they were not lying.

For those of you who do not know what a UDID is, it stands for Unique Device Identifier and is essentially a cookie stored inside your iDevice that contains all the information about your device. This information includes device names, notification tokens, cell phone numbers, addresses, and much more. If this information gets into the wrong hands, you could be dealing with identity theft.

So now onto how you can check if your UDID has been compromised by the FBI. The first thing you will need is obviously your UDID number, you can find this by following this tutorial. After you have that, head over to The Next Web and paste your UDID code in the box seen near the bottom of their post.

Was your UDID compromised? We hope not.

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