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  • Ben

    After running evasi0n7, my iphone just reboots and does nothing…the only thing different is the new icon “evasi0n7” on my phone. I tired opening the evasi0n7 app on my phone but it just gets stuck. Dunno what to do now 🙁


      Watch the video over again one of the first things he says to do is restore your idevice through itunes by plugging in your iphone and backing up your device first and foremost, then after right next to check for update it says restore

    • Did you update to 7.0.4 via computer or OTA?

    • emilio

      same thing with me

  • tony

    it donest let me jailbreak my ipad 2 it says failed during system (1/2)

  • Ranzkie

    ill Try to jailbreak my iphone 4 ios7.0.4 but it says “the attached device is not activated. you need to activate it before you can apply the jailbreak” Please help!

  • Allen

    I am having exactly the same problem as Ben.

  • jefferson lorenzo

    thanks man! its working on my ipad mini

  • Joshua Questions???

    Hey 1 ? why is cyida not installing the evasi0n icon is still there and its not installing cidya?????????

  • Andrew

    I did everything but thenat the last part where i was supposed to unlock my ipad i unlocked it and then it said something roofts and then evasi0n just quit, plz reply!

  • Liam

    I did all the steps and when I get to the last step when it says something about roofts evasi0n closes. Please help

    • tom

      same happens to me

  • liam

    I followed all of the instructions very carefully. I am new to this though. When I try to download tweaks i get a page that comes with a box that says :
    Note : The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed.
    Under that it says continue queuing but every time i hit that the manage tabs gets a red notification that says Q’d but nothing happens. Can someone please help me?!

    • What device are you on & what repo are the tweaks coming from?

  • Marcus

    During running evasi0n7, the download freezes at stage 2/2 for configuring system, why?? im using evasi0n7 on ipad air

  • Ed

    My iPod 5 just shows the apple logo

  • candelario

    it just exits at the end by it’s self anyone and the evasion 7 icon is still there no cydia on the iPhone it has done this I’ve repeated process 3times and I need help now :L iam using iPhone 4 with ios 7.0.4 my number is 469-273-0773 call or text me if you know the solution and thanks have a nice day

  • Tyler

    my application says modifying roots at the end like in the video. But instead of rebooting 1 last time, the app on the computer goes away and my phone stays completely normal. Any help?

  • William

    When i try to download it i get to here and then it shuts down itself, i dont get the chance to press exit or anything, just goes away from my PC

  • Mat

    Mine gets all the way to the end and i click the evasion icon and it reboots, but then after the apple sign goes away it says ” to continue please unlock your device “. After i unlock my iphone, nothing happens. It never finishes jailbreaking. Please help!

  • Mi

    Does it work for ipad air

  • F1icktrick

    When I boot up cydia I get a message saying:

  • Oscar

    when it says configuring system (2/2) it get stuck and doesnt continue with the process on my iPad 2 please help 🙁

  • Ben

    Hello, After everytime i try and install the Evasi0n 7 App it installs and then when i click on the app it freezes my phone up?. Please Help Me?

  • FlamingRage

    I spent all day trying to do this and it keeps going to the end and the loading bar goes away and nothing happens. Please fix!

  • Raymond

    so far this is the only jailbreak software im willing to use, but I updated my iPhone 5s OTA, so it ends right at the end of the jail breaking process. Any suggestions ?

  • Dylan Ruesgen

    Do you have an unlock for this version as well? or just the jailbreak?

  • jon

    restore ipad or restore backup, Ive been using the new evasi0n7 v 1.0.6
    I have an ipad4 version 7.0.6 it recognizes my ipad downloads the whole process but doesn’t go into the evasion screen. I followed all the steps

  • bryce

    when installing rootf it crashes

  • Sebastian Ng

    why i cannot download game killer i cant open (

  • roger

    my laptop is not reading my iphone inorder to restore it so i continue the jailbreak. What i do????

  • roger

    so i can continue the jailbreak*

  • Carmen

    This is the error message I’m getting: “Sorry, the version of iOS (11D167) of the attached device is not supported.” Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

  • Alec

    after i follow all the steps it says something about roofts then it closes and nothing happens. ive tried this multiple times and nothing changes please help

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