How To: Install GBA 2.0 Emulator, Games & Skins on iOS 7 (No Jailbreak Needed)



It’s always fun to go back and relive your childhood memories and with the GBA emulator, you can do just that! The GBA (Gameboy Advance) 2.0 emulator has been released and it will work on all iOS 7 devices with or without a jailbreak. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the emulator, how to add games and how to add skins. Let’s get started.

Step 1: We need to set our device’s date back. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Uncheck “Set Automatically” > Enter February 15, 2014

Step 2: Go to the GBA4iOS website & download the file.

Step 3: Now we need to add some games. Click the “+” button in the top right.

Step 4: Search for ROMs in the search menu and download whatever game you want.

Step 5: Tap the file you just downloaded and the game should run.

Step 6: If you want a new skin for your controller, go to GBA4iOSSkins and click “Download Skins”

Step 7: Search or browse for a skin you want. Download it and open in GBA4iOS 2.0

Step 8: Go to Menu > Show ROM List > Settings > Skins for GBA > Select your new skin

*If you reboot, you may need to reset your time and date settings back to February 15, 2014 or earlier.

If you run into any issues or if you can’t find something, let me know and I’ll help you out.

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