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  • Ricky

    JB runs smoothly but after i click on cydia and let it do it’s thing, unlock device i don’t have cydia or apps like camera app store etc. Please help

  • Zach Lowe

    atm the evasin 7 says to continue, please unlock your device but ive already unlocked it . what do i do????

    • ewswdew

      turn of the passcode

      • Ian

        Omg lol

  • J

    Thanks a lot man!

  • Matt

    I’m trying to jailbreak my iphone 5s but every time I try it the evasion app pops up on my phone then after it freezes the evasion process and it don’t finish the jailbreak

    • paudie

      im having the same problem. after the 2nd reboot does cydia not show up?

      • Nick Lethco

        thats what happened to me, it did all of the jailbreak stuff, but i didnt get cydia…

  • Harley

    on the download page it wont let me download it

  • trey

    he evasin 7 says to continue, please unlock your device but ive already unlocked it . what do i do???? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP

  • Kyle

    It says the jailbreak is done but there is no Cydia, it is just the evasion app. PLease help, I’ve tried re-doing the jailbreak many times.

  • bugga3o5

    im having same problem as matt please some1 help

  • Ciencia Ciencia

    in my case the eVasion program finish and goes away itself, i don’t have to press Exit tab, and the eVasion icon never change to Cydia.

    • Nick Lethco

      i had the same problem and cant figure out what happened..

    • Exactly the same for me..

    • Katie

      I am also having this problem and when it prompts me to click on the evasion icon on my phone, I click on it and the icon/app remains a blank white screen. UGH!

  • Ciencia Ciencia

    Does this works on Iphone5 7.0.6 under carrier contract????

  • kuma

    is there any way that i can unlock the phone (using it on any carrier) through jailbreaking the iphone

  • When I try to jailbreak my ipad mini, I do the entire process, but the evasi0n icon is still on my home screen. When i watched your video, evasi0n on the computer acted different for me. Instead of saying done and having you close it yourself, the program closed by itself after the rootf part. If it makes, any difference, the evasi0n app says version 1.0.2 in settings.

    I’ve tried doing this over and over multiple times, but it isn’t working :/

  • Aissame Aissame Miracle

    is not working in all

  • abnier

    what if i have a windows and iphone how it will work?

  • abnier

    i mean a laptop w/ windows app and my iphone… how it will work?

  • Vikky

    I have updated my iphone5 to 7.0.6 via WiFi.Now I have to restore my device using itunes to jailbreak it,but if I restore it will be updated to 7.1 from which I can’t jailbreak my device.Is there any solution for this??

  • cyntia andrea

    my iphone just get eror after jailbreak

  • Whycantijailbreak

    Wtf. I did all the stuff on my laptop and evasi0n closed by its self when it finished, but NOW I still have the evasion 7 app, and don’t have cydia. HELP?!

  • Sucre

    I figured out why it’s not working. I updated through my iPad Mini to 7.0.6, but how do I do it with iTunes on my PC so I can restore it (HOW DO I RESTORE IT THROUGH ITUNES?) Thanks, Sucre

  • matt

    why wont my mac open the program?

  • JACK

    mine says that the evasion app on computer is damaged so i can’t open it?

  • alexia

    mines doing the samething

  • austin haller

    i open evasion and its all white plzzz help

  • lalls

    ERROR: Failed to retrieve package from the internet.

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