How to Re-sign Yalu w/ Cydia Extender (No Dev Account Needed)


Cydia Extender is an application for jailbroken devices that allows for the signing & re-signing of applications (including Yalu) without the need of a computer. It is essentially Cydia Impactor ported as an iOS app. Here is a video explaining exactly what Extender is.

However, Cydia Extender only works as expected with paid developer accounts ($99/year). But in this tutorial, we will show you how to get it working on a free Apple account – no developer account needed.

Video tutorial:

  1. Add this source in Cydia:
  2. Install Cydia Extender Installer, mTerminal & Filza File Manager
  3. Get your TeamID by going into /var/containers/Bundle/Application/[the UUID with your yalu app in it]/ in Filza
  4. Open embedded.mobileprovision with the built-in text editor. Your Team ID is the 10-digit string under the ApplicationIdentifierPrefix key – copy this
  5. Go into MTerminal and type “su” & the password (default is “alpine”)
  6. Type “cyextender [YOUR ID YOU JUST COPIED]”
  7. Press return and see all of the stuff fly by until it says Done and cleaning up
  8. Open the Cydia Extender app on your homescreen
  9. Once there it should want to install a VPN, let it
  10. Once back in Cydia Extender, close it down in multitasking and load it back up, then wait a little bit
  11. Now it wants a Profile, so it will open Safari to an IP adresss & then to the profile page in Settings. Install it and type in your passcode
  12. It should go back to Extender and then Safari will open – do not close out of Safari
  13. Go here to install Yalu
  14. Tap on the IPA link and it should load a new page that wants to open it with Extender. Tap on it and then it should load Extender with a apple ID and passcode, if it does not, open safari again and tap on open in Extender again
  15. After typing in your email and password, wait a bit on that Extender screen (do not tap on ‘Installed’)
  16. Now it should ask to install Yalu102. Click install and then it’s on your homescreen installing
  17. Next week, when the certificate expires, you’ll simply need to re-install Yalu (step 12)

There you have it – that’s how you can re-sign Yalu without a paid developer account!

Getting errors? Check the video below.

Let us know if you have any questions below!

Via Reddit

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