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  • Deezu🏁

    “ERROR You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.” HELP

    • jb378

      Open Cydia Impacter and on the top click xCode and click Revoke Certificates and follow the steps on screen & it should work after it revoked the certificate.

      • Matrixnubee

        Thanks this helped me as I got stuck on this part. Is this because we are trying to load a fresh Yalu before our current one has expired?

      • Faisal Jan

        Every time I try to revoke my certificate it says (0) certificates revoked

  • Iza

    When I type in the cyextender [CODE] it tells me permission denied

    • Did you enter su (and your password) first?

      • Kritik Patel

        yes but still dont work

  • Darcy Disney

    Error: couldn’t find package com.linusyang.appinst
    error, quitting
    Cleaning up

    What is this. I’m stuck at step 7.

  • Matrixnubee

    Brandon Butch! After about 30 minutes of reading through the steps and attempting it a few times I finally got it! Having 2 step authorization enabled does make it tricky since you’ll need generated passwords, but after getting it down, I got it working all using just my iPhone! I even double checked using CertRemainTime and it now says 6 days and 23 hours remaining! I couldn’t wait for your tutorial so thanks for the link to this!! 🙂

  • Kamen Tenshi

    When I get all the way to the end it says yalu can’t be installed at this time

  • BoomYouDead

    Installing dependencies
    /usr/bin/cyextender: line 59: apt-get: command not found
    Assuming the update worked, if it didn’t this next command will exit the script.
    /usr/bin/cyextender: line 61: apt-get: command not found
    error, quitting
    Cleaning up

    Help ❤️

    • Uninstall APT 0.6

      • BoomYouDead

        I only have APT 7.0 and when I try removing either ‘APT 0.7 (apt-key)’ or ‘APT 0.7 Strict (Lib)’ it says they are vital to iOS or Cydia

        • BoomYouDead

          I only have APT 0.7 sorry typo

          • Hmm, not sure then. Try running iCleaner on sources/Cydia and fully rebooting

          • BoomYouDead

            Okay thank you

  • John

    Hello, What is the worst that can happen when beta jailbreaking? Do I need to save everything on my phone before beta jailbreaking?? Can everything just get delete? Hope some of you can answer my questions.

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