How to Automatically Re-Sign Yalu w/ New Cydia Extender Installer


Now that the Cydia Extender Installer package from the End Universe repo should be removed immediately, we need a replacement. And developer Matchstic has come through with a replacement on his personal repo!

Here is how to re-sign Yalu or mach_portal automatically every 7 days without a paid developer account. This works on the iPhone 7, 6S, 6, 5s and any other 64-bit jailbroken device on iOS 10 – 10.2.

Note: Julio’s Ext3nder tweak should still be safe to use. I would keep using it if it’s working for you, even though the repo is considered piracy. If you have Cydia Extender Installer from the EndUniverse repo, remove it and follow along.


  • Automatic re-signing of applications.
  • Installation of these applications without the need for a VPN
  • Caching of your Apple ID login details, to avoid having to sign-in each time. (Note: sensitive information is stored in the Keychain)
  • Basic settings to configure alerts shown by the automatic re-signing
  • A Troubleshooting panel to help with any errors that may occur

How to Install Cydia Extender & Configure

  1. Remove any other form of Cydia Extender
  2. Add the repo:
  3. Find Extender Installer in the repo
  4. Install
  5. Open Extender & go to the ‘More’ section on the bottom
  6. Sign in with Apple ID & password
  7. Select re-sign threshold to whatever you prefer
  8. After 7 days, Extender will re-sign Yalu/mach_portal automatically


From the developer:

This package has been implemented such that none of Saurik’s code is included in the package. This allows for two things:

  • Whenever Saurik updates Cydia Extender, re-installing this package will automatically upgrade to that new version.
  • Submission to a default repository when the beta period is over.

If anyone remembers Spire for Siri on iOS 5, this package works in a very similar manner for installing Cydia Extender.

Also, keep in mind that if you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled for your Apple ID, just generate an app-specific password for this and you’ll be good to go!

Having issues? Check here and also press the “More” tab on bottom of Extender to be brought to the troubleshooting section.

If you have any questions or issues, leave a comment below!

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  • Damien Williams

    Hello. When I login it says null. Does that mean it didn’t work right?

  • Damien Williams

    Hello. When I logged in it says null. It also says sign out at the bottom so I was wondering if I did it correctly?

    • That should fix itself after closing the app & re-opening

  • RL

    I removed all Extender and installed the Cydia Extender Installer from this repo, but nothing is showing up as installed. Did I do something wrong?

    • Either re-install the package or re-sideload Yalu from the computer

  • Andrew King

    Where is the “More” section located?

  • Zach Cowan

    After installing “Extender Installer”, I cannot find any application for the extender. Under Cydia, it says it is installed but I see no application with a “more” section.

    • Andrew King

      I have the same issue, using mach_portal on iPhone 7 iOS 10.1.1

    • When you open Extender there’s a More button on the bottom. Search spotlight for Extender and if it still isn’t there, try running uicache in Terminal

      • Andrew King

        There’s no app for me, and running uicache in MTerminal changed nothing. There is nothing on my springboard or in Spotlight. What else can I do?

        • Are you using a default Yalu/mach_portal from Luca and not another variant? Maybe try deleting, rebooting and then re-installing. If that doesn’t work, open a ticket at

          • Andrew King

            I’m using the same mach_portal I downloaded weeks ago from Luca, unchanged. I’m on iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone 7, if that matters. I’ll try that

          • Andrew King

            Deleting mach_portal, reinstalling it, and rejailbreaking did nothing. Is there anything else I can do before submitting a ticket?

          • Andrew King

            Also, going into Filza, I see that the appropriate files are there (according to your video where it didn’t automatically re-sign), but their contents are majorly jibberish

  • thanks for the update!!!! should extend life from julioverne also be removed?

    • Yeah Ext3nder from Julio’s repo should work fine

      • thanks for the reply, but what about “ExtendLife”? is that safe or not? also when I open the new Extender there’s 2 “More” buttons at the bottom…is that normal? please adv!

  • Dayton Simpson

    cydia extender crashes everytime i try to open it… any ideas?

    • Dayton Simpson

      just reinstalled and it opened

  • Fábio Cardoso

    I noticed that Cydia Extender Installer does not autorevoke certificates when autoresign is enabled. Am I doing something wrong? Ext3nder autorevoke with no problems

  • sherif gamal

    i cant sign with my apple account id in the extender ;(

  • Kiro saad

    crash reporter keeps saying cydia extender crashed because of ExtenderExtensions.dylib

  • payne

    After i click on Re-sign my Extender crashes

  • Stanley okenu

    I’m getting an error code when I manually resign cop code …. it use to work fine when I had the extend life. Even now with ext3nder still getting it , could it be because of the mtarminal extender that I deleted

    • Which error?

      • Stanley okenu

        It crashes, after trying to resign

  • Angel Cantu

    My extender application looks different than the one in the video. I have two more buttons and there’s no auto resign option but I installed the exact package from the incendo repo. It also gives me an error saying I already have a current development certificate. Please help

  • Humam

    I accidentally revoked my IOS Development Certificate,
    I’m on IOS 10.2
    My Jailbreak certificate has already expired, I dont know what to do please help!!!