9 Features to Expect in iOS 11 (Final Rumors)


Every major iOS release comes with new features and changes, but iOS 11 is shaping up to be the biggest iOS release in years.

With the iPhone 8 due later this year, iOS 11is likely built with the iPhone 8 in mind. So, we can probably expect to see the long-awaited dark mode, Siri updates and more.

WWDC 2017 is less than a week away, so here are the final iOS 11 rumors, along with a couple of our personal wishlist features that aren’t likely to be included in iOS 11.

Move app icons in groups

Being able to move multiple app icons on the home screen has come in handy a lot while using Android, and every time I return to the iPhone, I’m disappointed that this isn’t a feature built in to iOS.

iOS 11 needs to give us the ability to move icons in groups and place icons anywhere, not in a specific order.

This isn’t expected in iOS 11 but it needs to happen soon.

Completely new UI

A complete overhaul is rumored/expected with iOS 11 and it’s about time.

Reports suggest that new icons and interface elements are due with iOS 11, with a focus on simplicity.

And along with a new UI, we can also expect new to get a few new wallpapers to go right along with the new look.

In-Camera Augmented Reality

If AR was built into the camera of your iPhone, you would be able to point your camera at an object and Apple’s software would be able to recognize it, among many other ways to use AR.

This is currently a feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with Bixby Vision, but Bixby is very buggy and unreliable. This is Apple’s chance to shine.

This is rumored to happen and given that Apple has acquired numerous AR and VR companies over the past few years, it’s looking more likely than not.

Dark Mode

A system-wide dark mode is something that has been rumored for years but it may finally be happening with iOS 11.

More specifically, rumors are pointing to dark mode being added for the iPhone 8, which is expected to ship with an OLED screen. But I’m not sure if dark mode will be delayed until the iPhone 8, so I’d expect dark mode to be in iOS 11 before then.

This will be a hit feature with fans, as jailbroken users know how amazing a dark UI is in the Settings and Messages apps.

Improved Maps

Bloomberg reports that Apple is using drones to capture and update it’s map information for Apple Maps, so we can expect Maps to get a nice refresh in iOS 11.

Apple is also working to improve their indoor mapping, so hopefully these 2 additions will finally convince those who prefer Google Maps or Waze to come back to Apple Maps for good.

Smarter Siri

This one is basically a guarantee.

If Apple wants to keep up and compete with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and other competitors, it needs to raise Siri’s IQ. It needs to get smarter – much smarter.

Rumors suggest Siri will get much better at conversational talk and learning your habits, thanks to updated AI on the backend.

If this happens, we could also very well see a Siri powered speaker that will rival Amazon’s Echo, which would be really awesome!

Touch ID to Lock Apps

This is another wishlist feature that isn’t rumored to be in iOS 11 but would love to see it added.

Just like BioProtect on jailbroken devices, it would be cool to be able to lock any app you want with Touch ID. Or even the ability to lock individual messages, pictures or certain toggles.

Also with BioProtect, you can force Touch ID to reboot, so that would be nice to have added to stock iOS and would enhance security.

Improved Music App

This is another one that will definitely be included in iOS 11: a new & improved music app interface, with a focus on video.

Apple is getting into the original video series game with a couple of series’ coming soon called “Planet of the Apps” and “Carpool Karaoke”. Both seem promising and I’m sure Apple will push them through the new music app. They are also working on documentaries and other original shows.

It still doesn’t seem that Apple Music will be competing with Spotify on the music side any time soon, but maybe video is what gives them an edge.

Group FaceTime

This is something that has been needed since the inception of FaceTime many years ago, and it’s finally rumored to be a feature in iOS 11.

The new FaceTime in iOS 11 will reportedly allow 2-5 people to join a video call at once. This will finally be able to rival WhatsApp and Google Hangouts.

It’s also rumored to have a voice only mode while on a video call, for when you don’t want to be seen.

So those are 7 rumored features that are rumored to be included in iOS 11, as well as 2 wishlist features I’d love to see added but haven’t been hinted at.

iOS 11 will also enhance security, especially after a malware scare earlier this year.

Which one of these features would you like to see the most in iOS 11?

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