Get Movie Box & Bobby Movie on iOS 12 (NO JAILBREAK)


Here is an updated guide on how to download Movie Box on iOS 12 without the need of a computer or jailbreak! Just follow the video tutorial below, or the written guide below the video.

If you are unfamiliar with Movie Box, it allows you to watch free full-length movies and TV Shows straight from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You also get the ability to stream the movies/shows to an AirPlay device like an Apple TV.

As an alternative, Bobby Movie has a lot of the same movies & TV Shows but the big difference with this one is that it has ChromeCast support. This way you can play the movies/shows on the big screen via ChromeCast.

Here’s how to get Movie Box & Bobby Movie:

  1. Download: Movie Box • Bobby Movie (alternate links available by request)
  2. Trust the certificates/profiles in Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  3. Open the application(s)
  4. Browse and watch some movies & TV shows


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