Within the past month or so, DailyiFix.com has grown a lot and we have become quite popular. With all of the news coming out every hour of every day, I obviously don’t have time to post everything since I am a college student and I am mainly focusing on schoolwork. This is why I am now looking for a few knowledgable writers who are passionate about Apple and their products.

This position is obviously not open to just anybody, you will need to have perfect English writing skills, and have perfect grammar/spelling skills. You will need to be familiar with the WordPress blogging/writing system and be available to write at least one post each day. If you are not familiar with the WordPress system but you are a great writer, then we can most likely work something out. If you have previous work on another site, then please to send it to us in the submission e-mail.

Please include the following info in your e-mail: 

  • Age
  • Country
  • Experience with writing (Include if you are familiar with WordPress/any existing work on the internet)
  • What you are most comfortable writing about (news, app reviews, guides, etc.)
  • Write up an article on an Apple related subject (long or short, you decide)
  • Tell us a little bit more about yourself and why you want to join us

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